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Weight Management & Metabolism

Detox Pro

A healthy lifestyle and regular, targeted cleansing of the body help to increase your sense of well-being. The complete detox programme frees the whole body of damaging environmental stressors and toxins. Feel happy, satisfied and re-energised. Regular exercise, balanced nutrition and a restful sleep are the foundations of a healthy metabolism. 

At our centre, we have developed an integrated concept which covers all these areas, including effective, natural methods combined with the latest medical treatments, all aiming to recover and maintain your well-being. DETOX PRO, a programme designed to build on the WALDHOTEL CHECK-UP results, has balanced nutrition at its core, and is complemented by personalised movement screen programmes and profound relaxation techniques. We have created excellence by launching a unique dietary principle called the Waldhotel Colour Cuisine. An innovative method, known for its simple principle of single colour ingredients, which helps the metabolism detoxify itself through alkaline-building nutrition.

With our method, we help you add healthy years to your life by learning to adapt your dietary habits, embrace natural relaxation treatments and find your inner balance.
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Detox Pro Services


  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS). (60 min)
  • Further Training Functional Movement Screen by a physiotherapist for further autonomous use of device during stay.
  • Consultation with a doctor (1 x weekly à 30 min)
  • Cryotherapy/ Icelab ahead of personal trainings (if no contra-indication). (3 x weekly à 15 min)
  • Final Dexa Measurement after stay (min. stay 14 days)
  • Instructions and supply for self application of hot liver compresses


  • Nutritional advice (2 x weekly 30 min)
  • Natural Colon cleanse with fermented plums composition
  • Detox teas during programmes
  • 3 x daily acid alkaline balance intake
  • Fasting day based on the medical requirements  (1 x weekly)
  • Individually tailored supply of Microcare supplement for 30 days
  • Cooking Lab Class (90 min)


  • Fasting training to stimulate the metabolism ( 2 x weekly à 30 min)
  • Personal training (3 x weekly à 60 min)
  • Wrap treatments (2 x weekly à 25 min)
  • Stimulating coffee peel (1 x weekly à 30 min)
  • Active Circulation Signature Treatment (90 min)
  • Massage according to your choice in the Waldhotel Spa (60 min)
  • Vitaldome treatment (2 x weekly à 30 min)


  • Frees the body of damaging environmental stressors and toxins
  • Adapt your dietary habits
  • Recovers and maintains your well-being
  • Waldhotel CHECK-UP program
  • Waldhotel Colour Cuisine full board


Choose your stay

The program Detox Pro can be booked with or without a stay at the Waldhotel. This program requires a minimum stay of 7 nights. For further information please also read our Terms & Conditions.

For your comfort and to ensure we are able to cater to all your requirements, it is highly recommended to arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

7 days or 14 days | from CHF 10,000