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The Elements

06.01.2020 - 30.09.2020

This winter, the Bürgenstock’s Waldhotel, a marvel of contemporary design in a beautiful sylvan setting, is offering you a unique wellness programme called 'The Elements'. As the name implies, this offer calls upon the spirits of earth, water and fire to inspire and motivate you to move, breathe, and feel the brisk Alpine air caressing and rejuvenating you. You will walk, climb, float, swim… and you will also put yourself into the excellent hands of an expert masseur and a talented chef. 

Daily program

  • Activity Programme 'Desert'– each morning for 30 min. before breakfast
  • Breakfast, followed by a 30 min. break
  • Activity Programme 'Earth' – level 2 walking and climbing for 60 min.
  • Relaxing body massage (50 min.)
  • Lunch based on the innovative method of Waldhotel Colour Cuisine, followed by a 60 min. break
  • Session at the 'Ice Lab' -110°C
  • Activity Programme 'Fire' – level 2 (30 min.)
  • Activity Programme 'Water' – floating & aqua fitness (60 min.)
  • All programmes are assisted by fitness and medical specialists at the Waldhotel


  • You will notice changes in your stamina, strength and coordination
  • Achieve long lasting health and balance
  • Increase in physical expression and self-confidence
  • Natural beauty and vitality



The Elements offer is available from 6th January 2020 to 30th September 2020. A minimum of 3 nights is required – but no matter how long you choose to stay, you can be sure that The Elements will simply make you feel good and happy – recharged and ready to face life with a fresh new outlook.

Per room & night from CHF 568.-