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Mobility & Activity 

Your health is our concern – holistically and professionally. Our programmes are unique and personally tailored to match your medical profile and individual health needs, foster direct relationships with all our patients who all have their own unique biographies, goals, and understandings of health, disease and treatment. In an environment where nature is more prominent and defines architecture, spacious and light-flooded interiors lead the way to an active and energised life. Your stay in Waldhotel will ensure a better quality of life. Our physiotherapists, orthopaedic experts and sports specialists will work together to analyse your musculoskeletal structure and identify your fitness level to design a thorough programme and exercise regime to help you regain your vitality and mobility. Combining the latest innovative fitness programmes, your overall muscles’ weight and structure will improve, your coordination skills will increase, and your overall vitality and mobility levels will be boosted by the end of your stay.


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