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Waldhotel Detox Yoga

Yoga Detox, an advanced program defined as a combination of energizing and restorative yoga techniques, meditation sessions and pranayama supported by a detoxing diet following the innovative Waldhotel Color Cuisine method, will leave you feeling re-energized and full of vitality.The program was designed to help to increase your mental clarity, improving the skin appearance and muscle tone, brightening eyes and helping the joints, increasing flexibility and creating a sense of emotional balance, grounding and peace.

Under professional and renowned guidance of our Yoga Masters, the program invites for self-discovery and it is open for all levels, beginners or advanced Yoga & Mindfulness practitioners.The classes vary and focus on Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivananda, or Yin.

All sessions cover pranayama, asanas and meditation to help increase oxygen flow, balance, and clarity to promote a peaceful mind. Under our exports guidance the sessions have been designed to ensure an active tonus with morning sessions being more dynamic in practice while the evenings are defined following a slower pace with lots of stretches, meditation and relaxation.
Waldhotel Rosmarien Kräuter
Healthy by Nature


THE NUTRITION is a paramount factor for a successful Detox Yoga program completion. With this program, we introduced you to Waldhotel Color Cuisine, the art of healthy eating. Experts assisted cooking classes are integrated part of all the Healthy by Nature programs at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence and help to build the foundation of a healthy living.In harmony with yoga and meditation techniques, the Waldhotel Detox Yoga was defined with the active consumer in mind.

The nutrition is free from wheat, sugar and other toxic foods and replaced with alkaline foods such as pulses, grains, raw foods, nut milks, green smoothies etc. You will learn that eating a cleaner diet is tasty, healthy, easy, creative and inspiring. The menu is imaginative and delicious.

Before joining the program, it is highly recommended that you start to cut down on food like caffeine, wheat, dairy and sugar about five days to a week before your program starts to ensure increase program efficiency and benefits of its results.
from our experts

Our Yoga Master Guest

My name is Sandra Schunck. 

I am an expert in health, yoga and meditation retreats at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence. Immediately after completing my psychology studies in Munich (Germany), I lived in India for 3 years to be trained in internationally recognized yoga centers (Sivananda Rishikesh and Bihar Shool of Yoga) in classical hatha yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and ayurveda. For more than 12 years I have been teaching yoga and meditation in private practice in Zurich, running my own developed retreats, giving lectures and continuing education in internationally known therapy, wellness and medical centers. I love to work with different cultures and to respond to and different needs. 
My work is characterized by warmth, style, love and mindfulness, expertise, intuition, naturalness, creativity and my gift of being very empathetic and motivating. I create a place of trust, beauty and wellbeing. 

I support and inspire with my holistic work.

Frau entspannt bei Yogaübung



  • Daily silent walk and pranayama (5 x 30 min) 
  • Daily Dynamic Yoga (5 x 90 min) 
  • Daily afternoon Yoga & Meditation Courses (6 x 90 min) 
  • Flow Yoga (1 x 90 min) 
  • Discussion of the results in the final discussion with our Yoga Master and Nutritionist (1 x 60 min)


  • Waldhotel Color Cuisine full board
  • Nutritional advice (90 min) 
  • Waldhotel Tea Collection | Herb Garden Introduction by Chef Martin Stein (1 x 60 min)


  • Foot massage (1 x 30 min) 
  • Detox oil peeling (1 x 50 min) 
  • Detox massage (1 x 50 min) 
  • Face analysis and consultation with Skincope (1 x 15 min) 
  • Deluxe Antioxidant Revitalizing Treatment by SkinCeuticals (1 x 60 min) 
  • Exercise and sports group activities according to the Waldhotel program  '' The Elements''

choose your stay

The programme Yoga Detox Pro can be booked with or without a stay at the Waldhotel. 
This programme requires a minimum stay of 6 nights.
Recommended arrival days: Sunday or Friday

DETOX YOGA Pro sessions with 
our Yoga Master Guest, Sandra Schunck
The dates for 2021 will be announced soon  

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