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Qigong - Mindful movement

Qigong stands for health gymnastics, Chinese yoga that focuses on consciousness, movement, meditation, and breathing, which has been practiced for over a thousand years and belongs to traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong is a part of TCM = Traditional Chinese/Chinese Medicine, which is about balancing and harmonizing body and mind so that all organs and cells function optimally. Used as prevention and treatment Qigong helps to release energy blockages and leads to a natural, healthy balance so that the life energy can flow from the head to the feet. Regular exercise promotes physical performance and sensitizes body awareness. Concentration, discipline, imagination and thought power are strengthened. Qigong is for everyone: A complete body training, that strengthens and relaxes. The movements are so calm and sensitive that everyone can participate. ”Less is More” . Qigong provides energy and inner peace. 
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from our experts

Bettina Borgen 

Waldhotel is joining the Guest, Qigong Master practitioner Bettina Borgen on her journey to enhance balanced living and launch its newest Mindfulness PRO 4 night - program addition: 
Qigong - Mindful movement.

Bettina Borgen is the founder of and has been a Certified Qigong Instructor since 2017. She has practiced dance for 46 years, yoga for 25 years and martial arts karate for 10 years. From the very young age of 2½ years, she started dancing. Jazz ballet, disco, ballet and especially ballroom dancing (Standard and Latin) was a big part of her youth and young adult life. She was on the Danish National Team. Ranked on the International Ranking List as no. 4 – under age 21. Danish champion in Standard dance. Silver and bronze medals both in Latin and Standard. Dancing is a movement of awareness, focus, joy and happiness. 

From the age of 15 years, she was introduced to meditation which became a great tool for her to practice on a daily base.

In her previous career as a graphic designer in the publishing industry with tight deadlines and long working hours was a very stressful time and as a mother of three lovely children, a change of mindset was needed.

The feeling of flow in her life, was when she was introduced to the amazing life-tool Qigong. Combining her experiences from dancing, meditation, yoga, martial arts and as a Certified Qigong Instructor her wish with her teaching, is to be a part of spreading the knowledge of Qigong to others. How these beautiful slow movements and the benefit of Qigong can have a huge impact on the life and body of others. The love of joy-full wisdom contained by the mind, heart and body of Qigong.

Qigong - Mindful movement 


  • Daily Morning Qigong sessions - awaking the body

Daily Qigong movement/teaching & Meditation including:

  • Daily Qigong Mindful Walking in the beautiful surroundings of Waldhotel
  • Qigong meditation classes: Xi Breathing, innersmile, standing meditation, Sheng Zhen meditation
  • Introduction to Qigong 5 elements: The harmonious balance of ‘the five elements’ is key components of a healthy life. In Chinese philosophy, the Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are the five basic aspects of Qi or life energy.
  • Introduction to Qigong sounds
  • Qigong breathing technique: Chest, Abdominal, Reverse Abdominal
  • Qigong ballroom dancing - brings fun and joy to whole body


  • Waldhotel Colour Cuisine breakfast
  • Half board Waldhotel Color Cuisine
  • 1x 90 mins Cooking Lab by our Nutritionist Culinary Chef Martine Stein

Spa & Relaxation

  • Waldhotel MediSpa full access
  • De-Stress Massage (90 min)
  • Regeneration Massage (50 min)

Price 2,650 CHF

Qigong - Mindful movement

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The programme Qigong - Mindful movement can be booked with or without a stay at the Waldhotel.
This programme requires a minimum stay of 4 nights.
Monday 14.9. – Friday 18.9.
Monday the 1.3. – Friday 5.3.
Monday the 31.5. – Friday 4.6.
Monday the 6.9. – Friday 10.9.

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