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Beauty & Healthy Ageing

With time, we become increasingly concerned with our visual appearance and posture. A strong desire to reduce all defects, blemishes or signs of the skin’s natural transformation turn us towards cosmetic/medicinal remedies, which become paramount to ensuring a balanced mind and body. The role of derma-treatments becomes fundamental. 

At the Waldhotel, we offer you excellence in the field with our professional, highly-effective products and treatments created specifically to cater for a wide range of signs of ageing in the skin and body. A holistic approach is at the core of our Beauty & Healthy Ageing programmes, supported by elaborate dermatology treatments and research into both products and medical technology, all available at our centre. 

A dedicated team of dermatology-specialists will guide in achieving a healthier, more-balanced and younger appearance, combining natural remedies with the latest innovations in cosmetic medicine using state-of-the-art equipment. Experience the unique effect of Alpine nature on your skin.

Beauty & Healthy Ageing PROGRAMMEs

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