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Swiss medical expertise, the latest state-of-the-art equipment, the innovative Waldhotel Colour Cuisine nutrition mono-colour method, and warm, southern alpine surroundings come together to celebrate health and wellness. A place of self discovery, rest, and revitalisation with a strong sense of well-being and the feeling of protection.

Light and colour balance the décor and promote vitality through physical spaces. At the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence hotel, a multidisciplinary team of experts will look after your health and well-being to the highest possible standard. Our expertise encompasses diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services, complemented by Prevention & Health Programmes. Swiss hotel hospitality of exceptional quality, the most modern medical concepts and extraordinary architecture combine in the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence hotel to create a place to heal and relax.

Sustained by the latest developments in state-of-the-art medicine and procedural analysis, our medical experts work in concert to help guide you in improving your health, all in a more balanced and more sustainable way, by following a holistic approach.

One of the best hotels in the world so peaceful and relaxing, attentive service and incredible views over the swiss woodland and mountains. The People in the spa are amazing and would do Anything to make your stay more comfortable. Can't wait to come back and stay again!

hadleyreed19, Mar 2019


The Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence Prevention & Health Programmes can be booked from the age of 18 and are based upon the individual health plans and availability of the medical team

The programmes are divided into five different categories and last between three and fourteen nights. In each category, there are one to three PRO-programmes which are aimed at different requirements and needs. In order to optimally tailor the PRO-programmes to your needs in the Diagnostics & Advanced Check-up and Weight Management & Metabolism departments, we ask you to receive the Waldhotel Check-up first. During this comprehensive check-up, our doctors gain important information about the current state of your health which serves as the basis for further treatments, for example, with specialist doctors at the largest central hospital in Switzerland. 

The programme of the Body & Mind Balance department focus upon increasing your sense of well-being and can be booked without a Waldhotel Check-up beforehand. If you would like to expand the individual programmes further, we will be happy to advise you about supplementary treatments – our so-called "Excellence" services. 

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