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The deeper the green, the richer the nutrient content.

Health-conscious consumers have been focussing on green foodstuffs for quite some time now. 
Wheat grass and the various plants of the brassica family are very popular at the moment and an indispensable addition to our meals. And it is quite true that green vegetables contain many important nutrients and are also highly oxidative to most of them and bind free radicals once absorbed by the body of the consumer.

Secondary plant compounds and efficacy

The green color already indicates, health is here! The main component responsible for the rich green color palette identified in all green based food ingredients is the chlorophyll. It has a strong detoxifying effect, ensures healthy cells and supports wound healing. The chlorophyll is a source of life,  where there is no light there is no chlorophyll and where there’s no chlorophyll no vitamins are synthesised. This is only one vital benefit of this component. 
Proven scientific  records reveal that chlorophyll is a supporter in combating anemia, it helps in purifying the blood and normalizing the blood pressure, neutralizes the toxins and is a well known tissues generator. In addition to chlorophyll, green based foods contain enormous amounts of vitamin C, iron, magnesium and folic acid. 
Green cabbage varieties such as broccoli contain glucosinolates, which have an anti-microbial effect and strengthen the immune system. 
Given its diverse benefits and the effectiveness of green vegetables in ones' diet , the green color became a solid pillar in the Waldhotel Color Cuisine,  having allocated two days diet program from the seven-days nutrition plan.
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Other colors of foods and their important nutrients:
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