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Waldhotel Color Cuisine - the art of healthy eating
Vitality Cuisine 

The Art of Healthy Nutrition 

In addition to exercise and rest, a proper nutrition is paramount to your life and your well-being. Enjoy health: With an individually tailored diet you will feel better and more productive. The Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence nutritionists work closely with doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, restaurateurs and dietitians. The goal is to capture your personality and to advise you holistically. This is the only way to ensure sustainable success. 
East well to live well

 Vitality Cuisine

Lighterhealthier and bursting with freshnessChoose our Vitality Cuisine for delicious dishes, as pure as our Swiss mountain air.  

Our Chefs have created menu options for guests in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Dishes balance flavour with metabolism boosting ingredientswhile being free of hot-pressed oilsrefined carbs and sugar  

We always seek out seasonal produceorganicwild-hunted or grass fed. Our meatfish and proteins are exclusively sourced in SwitzerlandOrganic cold pressed seed oils and crunchy nuts maximise the mineralsprotein and good fats, such as Omega-3, essential for your body’s health 
Dine on our Vitality Cuisine dishes and you will feel light and fabulous. Full of vitality in fact. 
Look out for the Vitality Cuisine mark on our menu and see what the Chef prepared fresh for the daybe that home cured Swiss Alpine salmoncatfish fillet with cucumber spaghetti in smoked fish sugotopped with dill foam, or Tessin water buffalo tartare with textures of squash accompanied by tarragon mustard caviar. 
A touch of vitality

waldhotel colour cuisine

Waldhotel Color Cuisine is a new way to tailor nutrition to you and your individual needs. Following extensive researches and on the basis of various measurements, your nutritional profile will be determined and derived from this a personal nutritional recommendation. The diet can also be supplemented with specially enriched micronutrients.

The idea of ​​dividing the foods into their colors is based on the good complement of the ingredients, especially the phytochemicals. Identical or similar colored foods often have comparable active ingredients, and so, with diets in certain colors on different days, the input of positive substances in certain colors can be maximized and, at the same time, it is easier for the body to absorb them.

Thus, each day is under a certain color motto which runs through from breakfast to dinner and also includes things such as flowers and teas. Now an insight into the world of colors in food and its key ingredients.
The executive chef of the Waldhotel Color cuisine

martin stein

My name is Martin Stein. I am the kitchen manager of the Waldhotel Health and Medical Execution on Bürgenstock Resort. I started my career as a cook in my hometown Vienna. Through various stations in renowned restaurants in the city in which I was several times involved in reaching Michelin awards. Could I quickly, in the circle of the Viennese gourmet restaurants, rose to a coveted chef and was praised by the press enthusiastically.
pumpkin doctor

Only a few years later, together with my wife, I opened our own restaurant "Martin Stein" in Vienna. After only two years we were already number 4 among Vienna's fine dining restaurants. As a genuine nature lover we pursue our balanced living style few years later and sold the restaurant to escape to the countryside. There, as head chef at VIVAMAYR Altaussee, I had the great pleasure of merging the modern Mayr cuisine with my experience of star gastronomy.

The best of both worlds can now be found in the Waldhotel Colour Cuisine designed by me. Waldhotel offers me the unique opportunity to pamper guests from all over the world with a healthy gourmet kitchen. Because enjoyment and added value for our body need not be excluded is my doctrine.

For me cooking is passion, culture and love for the product. And if you do it right, then it is also a building block for a healthy and vital life.

Martin Stein
Pure enjoyment

tea collection by Waldhotel

Herbal tea
With organic origins and entirely sustainable sourced, the Waldhotel tea collection follows the principle of «Healthy by Nature» programs being an integrated part of our holistic method. We help you living a better life by presenting you an exclusive collection of herbal teas recommend by our culinary expert and the creator of the Waldhotel Colour Cuisine, Chef Martin Stein.

Following basic principles of balanced and healthy nutrition, herbal teas are an integrated part of our healthy by Nature Programs and the colour based nutrition method Chef Stein developed at our medical Centre. Our extended tea collection is a vital source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and represents a natural boost to everyone’s daily life.

We lead you to a better life.
tea collection by waldhotel

The Cooking Lab

At Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence we teach the art of healthy living. In our Cooking Lab you can experience the healthy gourmet kitchen at its best assisted by our Executive Chef , Martin Stein. Learn a new way to handle food after diagnosing an allergy, or find out how to cook healthy foods in a familiar way.


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