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Weight Loss & Metabolism

Excess weight is a well-known risk factor for many diseases, including atherosclerosis, which may lead to stroke, heart attack, diabetes, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, degeneration of the joints, sleep apnoea, cancer, and others. 

Our Weight Loss Program may be a beginning of a complete life-style change! Healthy eating and making time for physical activities are essential parts of your everyday life (keeping energy intake and output at the right balance). If significant obesity requires surgical treatment, we work closely 
with one of the leading bariatric centres in Switzerland. After such interventions, it has been shown that diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic disturbances may disappear! 
Exercise, nutrition and sleep are the cornerstones of a healthy metabolism. Regular detoxing may increase your well-being. The focus of the Waldhotel detox programme is on healthy behaviour and includes physical activities and training, a variety of relaxation sessions and nutritional advice.. 
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Professor Dr Verena Briner

Prof. Dr. med. Verena Briner

  • FRCP, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Nephrology
  • Medical Director, Medical Center Waldhotel

Graduated from University of Bale, Switzerland. She has worked at the University Hospital in Bale and Bern, Switzerland, the Hammersmith Hospital in London, and the University Health Sciences Center in Denver, Colorado, USA. She is a professor at the University of Bale and a visiting professor at the University of Lucerne. For many years, she headed the Department of Medicine at the central hospital in Lucerne, the Luzerner Kantonsspital, and is now the Medical Director of the Medical Center at the Waldhotel. Her expertise in internal medicine and complex diseases is ideal preparation for her to be able to lead the medical check-ups and medical treatment of rehab patients.

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  • Body composition
  • Functional movement screening
  • Training with personal trainer
  • Bürgenstock healthy activity
  • Personal Nutrition Plan definition

Diagnostics and treatments at our partner medical centres

  • Endoscopic gastric tube surgery 
  • Plastic surgery to correct the body shape
  • Weight loss operations and treatment of diabetes mellitus 
    • Roux-Y gastric bypass 
    • Gastric tube surgery ("reduction") 
    • Mini-gastric bypass 

Weight management & Metabolism PROGRAMMEs

Choose the ideal program for you.