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Rehabilitation Clinic 

Our goal is to add healthy, enriched years to your life through our holistic programmes, defined by an extensive medical care team with renowned specialists in a variety of medical fields. Extensive scientific collaborations and partnerships with Swiss medical centres allow us always to strive for excellence in our methods, relying heavily on the extraordinary medical infrastructure featured at the Waldhotel. 

These days, the length of hospital stays has declined dramatically. However, very frequently patients are far from fully recovered when leaving acute care. After severe diseases such as septicaemia or cancer treatment, joint replacement or complex treatment after accidents, among many others, patients may need physical and mental support. An interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, medical masseurs, and others are available to care for these patients. 

Intensive training in the treatment pool and fitness area, as well as outdoors, provides desired results in terms of muscular strength and well-being. Our main focus is on musculo-skeletal, oncological and medical rehabilitation. Our medical team of experts is committed to provide a compassionate therapy experience at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence.


Following unfortunate accidents, extensive medical interventions on the musculo-skeletal system such as  elaborated joint surgeries, (joint replacement, spine surgery, etc.), are needed to help you to make a full recovery and return to your previous level of functions. Professionally set therapeutic accents make a big difference. Extensive sessions are done on the mobility and stability of the joints, the improvement of the movement pattern, the coordination and control of voluntary movements, muscle endurance and muscle strength.
Rehabilitation exercises at the Waldhotel

For each patient, an in depth examination and assessment of the musculoskeletal system takes place upon admission. Based on this initial evaluation, an individualized treatment plan to address the functional deficits is put in place followed by regular interdisciplinary visits where treatments and goals are adjusted according to progress.

Musculo-skeletal rehabilitation aims to restore the original functionality. The aim is again to achieve the best possible performance at all levels of activities and professional and social integration.

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oncology rehabilitation

Internal medical and oncology based rehabilitation follows life-threatening illnesses such as sepsis, circulatory failure, loss of function of several organs, acute illness in so-called polymorbidity, (e.g. heart muscle weakness and pneumonia, pancreatitis and diabetes, etc.) with or without surgery or even with a tumor after surgical procedures or very stressful treatments. 

It is paramount that the oncology rehabilitation is comprehensive enough and it addresses a wide range of symptoms.  Early referral and addressing the complete rehabilitation needs of our patients allows us to treat multiple symptoms and create a plan of care which considers the long term medical risks ,(like restricted mobility vestibular symptoms, fibrosis, lymphedema, acute pain and neuropathy).

With our outstanding Swiss medical expertise we redefine the clinical care treatments by focusing on  developing integrated and individualized therapy plans  to lead you live a better life. 

Your discreet retreat

Waldhotel rehabilitation clinic

The central location of the rehabilitation clinic in Waldhotel promises short journeys for our patients, guests and their companions.  Professionally set therapeutic touches make a big difference. Your rehabilitation team will assist and guide you during your stay with care and compassion, developing comprehensive  individual goals and personal daily programs.

Attentive – careful

All your needs are taken care of. The empathic team of the Rehabilitation Clinic Waldhotel accompanies you day and night during your recovery process - committed and reliable on your way back to independence. Caring measures are planned and implemented according to your needs. Dependencies should be reduced as much as possible during the course. Experience physiotherapeutic individual and group therapies, medical massages, self-training, water therapies, etc. State-of-the-art infrastructure and professional support guarantee the training success you have set as your goal.


The rehabilitation rooms

The Waldhotel offers adapted hotel rehabilitation rooms at the highest standards in the industry. Each room is free of obstruction and has a  functional bathroom with natural materials and a magnificent terrace facing south.

We take care of your well-being

Rehabilitation for all insurance classes

The Waldhotel Rehabilitation Clinic is fully accredited. General and additional insured patients can be accommodated based on the individual health insurance type.  Together with the referrer, the cost of the insurance is subject to revision.

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