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Psychological consulation at the Waldhotel
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Our goal is to add healthy, enriched years to your life through our holistic programmes, defined by an extensive medical care team with renowned specialists in a variety of medical fields. Extensive scientific collaborations and partnerships with Swiss medical centres allow us always to strive for excellence in our methods, relying heavily on the extraordinary medical infrastructure featured at the Waldhotel. Tranquillity, rest and relaxation are guaranteed during your stay at the Waldhotel. In harmony with nature and our holistic concept “Healthy by Nature”, you will find your physical and mental balance and enhance your well-being (Body & Mind) at the Waldhotel. Salt grotto, Kneipp pools, yoga and mindfulness practice are available to support you in turning inwards for contemplation. The rooms and the terrace of the Waldhotel face south towards lush meadows, green forests and high mountains with snow-covered peeks. Regeneration in this oasis of nature is facilitated.
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Yoga in the forest

Diagnostics and treatments at the Waldhotel

Part of our current Healthy by Nature programme is Body & Mind Balance, a package designed to help you benefit from the natural surroundings and energy radiated by the Bürgenberg mountain. In this ocean of tranquilty, you will learn invaluable, life-changing meditation and mindfulness techniques that take you on a journey of discovery, enabling you to turn inward and draw on your inner strengths.

Other services:

  • Professional coaching
  • Psychological discussions
  • Psychotherapeutic intervention
  • Mental coaching
  • Relaxation techniques

Body & Mind Balance PROGRAMMEs

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