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Dental health – smiling beauty: A healthy set of teeth and oral mucous membranes are not just a matter of improved well-being. These also reduce the risk of bacteria entering the blood stream, in turn causing severe infections and inflammation. In addition, it has been shown that the incidence of coronary artery disease drops when the gums are well looked after. Prophylaxis includes regular professional cleaning by qualified dental hygienists. The dentist provides classic dental care at modern clinics (dental foci diagnostics and treatment, implantology, snoring diagnosis, etc.), assists in decision making about implants and corrections (mandibular surgery is carried out in our partner hospital) and provides aesthetic dentistry such as teeth bleaching for a brilliant smile! 
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Dipl. Dental Hygienist HF SRK Tannaz Hilpert

Dipl. Dental Hygienist HF SRK Tannaz Hilpert 

Dipl. Dental Hygienist HF SRK and Co-Founder Brilliant Smile 

Tannaz Hilpert has graduated at the «Höhere Fachschule Careum» in Zurich (Switzerland). As one of the very first self-employed Dental Hygienists in Switzerland, she has a wealth of experience when it comes to building up her own clinic, such as being the co-founder of «Brilliant Smile» at Waldhotel. Her core competencies are treatments regarding the gingival health, a sustainable prophylaxis as well as teeth whitening for a brighter smile.

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Dental hygiene / Cleaning

Prophylaxis diminishes the risk of caries / cavity and loss of teeth. The ''Brilliant Smile''- Dental Clinic treatment and guidance are based on the Solo-Prophylaxis concept, which also allows the patient to ensure an optimal dental care at home.

Bleaching / Whitening

''Brilliant Smile''- Dental Clinic offers Power Bleaching on the spot or Home Bleaching with an individually shaped dental splint for the usage at home. A previous dental cleaning is recommended in order to obtain best results.

Professional teeth cleaning

Wisdom tooth removal

During evolution, the jawbones are becoming smaller. Hence, wisdom teeth often don't fit into the dental arch anymore which is why an intervention is required to remove it

Titan-& ceramic implants

Implants replace function and appearance of lost teeth. 
''Brilliant Smile''- Dental Clinic is one of the very few practices with renowned specialists for ceramic implants.


Tooth gaps in the front as well as length, shape or colour of teeth can be embellished in a highly aesthetic manner - for a beautiful and bright smile.

Consulation by a dentist


Straighten your row of teeth within a few months through an invisible dental splint, which is replaced every second week. Proven success through million fold worldwide application.

Fixed teeth

The "All-On-4" Concept only requires one treatment. In addition to that, it is preserving, safe and cost efficient.


If the nerve of a tooth dies and subsequently an inflammation in the jawbone occurs, the root should be shortened, the root canal cleaned, prepared and filled in order to preserve the tooth.

Sleep apnea

Breathing stops during the sleeping phase can be life threatening. This condition can be cured through a repositioning of the upper and lower jaw, which leads to an extension of the respiratory tract.

Maxillary and jaw fractures

Fractures in the facial area can be treated professionally by the renowned specialists of the ''Brilliant Smile''- Dental Clinic.

Bone formation and jaw reconstruction

A jaw reconstruction (osteoplasty) with own bone material is still the gold standard of implantology.

Tooth transplantation

In case of a tooth loss during adolescence, wisdom teeth can be transplanted.

Removal of jaw cysts

Transplanting own bone material can fill the hollow space, which is caused by enlarged cysts.

Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Even at an advanced age, it has become matter of course to demonstrate the young attitude to life to the outside world.  Private appointments can be scheduled with the Brilliant Smile - Dental Clinic surgeon to discuss the various possibilities.

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