The Verbena Bar at the Waldhotel: Riding a trend that’s here to stay 

Anita Fischer, Reservations, Medical and Guest Service Center Manager
Anita Fischer, Reservations, Medical and Guest Service Center Manager
Healthy Lifestyle
The definition of living a healthy lifestyle in today’s modern world has drastically changed from past perceptions. It’s not just losing weight and increasing your exercise routine anymore, but nurturing the body with wholesome food and beneficial physical activity, while looking after your mental and spiritual well-being, too.

When you start on the journey to live a healthier and more purposeful life, certain practices may help you reach your goals, like mindfulness, getting rid of harmful habits, and being closer to nature.

The movement of living healthier and becoming more mindful of the foods and drinks we consume is increasingly popular across the globe. At Waldhotel we are enthusiastically embracing one of the latest health trends accompanying this mindset and launching the Verbena Bar, a trendy bar solely dedicated to serving creative and delicious beverages with a strong focus on alcohol-free drinks.

True, the “mocktail” has always been around, but not with nearly as much diversity or depth of flavour as today’s alternatives. It’s accommodating the growing number of chic “low-and-no” clients who are setting the trend that no alcohol is better and healthier, but still want a beautifully crafted virgin cocktail to drink. 

Our partly alcohol-free bar is located in Waldhotel and, like its sister restaurant, is named Verbena, which is particularly appropriate as the lemon verbena plant is one of the most flavoursome and fragrant herbs, a perfect ingredient for a healthy and delicious drink. While you’re enjoying your stay at Waldhotel and immersing yourself in the concept of Health by Nature, why not awaken your curiosity and come try one of our elite mixologists’ extraordinary creations? The atmosphere and flavours will astound you.


What to expect at the Verbena Bar?

The social ritual of walking into a beautifully decorated bar, scanning a menu of exotic mixed drinks and deciding what to order from  the dizzying choice is one of the most pleasurable experiences in life. At the Verbena Bar, we understand that experience. We also understand that a path to better health may come with the perception that bars are somehow off-limits. Not true!


When visiting the Verbena Bar, your expectations and previous perceptions will all be exceeded. The lovingly designed interior of the bar reminds you of a steam-punk apothecary, and one of our mixologists will conjure up a trendy drink. Sit back and relax, while taking your taste buds on a path of discovery.


What’s on the menu?

The menu at the Verbena Bar has something for everyone. There’s a whole range of signature and classic virgin cocktails to choose from, and naturally cultured and fermented beverages like artisan kombucha, smoothies and vegetable juices,  grape and berry juices, alcohol free beer and craft beers, green teas and herbal infusions and coffees. We also offer a bar food menu with healthy snacks and classics with a twist.


For the adventurous, try a shrub

A “shrub” is a special class of drink based on a syrupy mixture of sweet and acidic that combines pieces of fruit, sugar and vinegar then adds in spices and herbs. The fruit and sugar are first left to cure before being mixed with the rest of the ingredients. It can be enjoyed as a mixer with tonic, added to virgin cocktails, or enjoyed concentrated, as is.

Our Heat shrub, for example, contains a potent mixture of pineapple, cayenne pepper and chilli vinegar and will give you an intense and flavoursome health kick. Or try our sultry Lifeblood containing beetroot, apple vinegar and honey.


For added health benefits: our artisanal kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink made by adding yeast and cultured bacteria to sweetened tea. The end product is a deliciously refreshing drink with a slight fizz and acidic taste. Because of the fermentation process, kombucha is packed with probiotic cultures that help to aid digestion and balance the microflora in the gut. It contains antioxidants and B vitamins that gives it added health benefits.

Kombucha infusions at Verbena include:

  • Rose and Ceylon ginger
  • Rose, Ceylon lavender and plum
  • Ceylon cherry and pepper
  • Rooibos pear and lemon verbena


Enhance your stay and visit the Verbena Bar

An experience at the Bürgenstock Resort would not be complete without a visit to the Verbena Bar in the Waldhotel. If you’re visiting our resort to destress and enjoy the beautiful Alpine scenery, add to a healthy bar visit to your to-do list.