Spring awakening 

Prof. Dr. med. Verena Briner
Prof. Dr. med. Verena Briner
Body & Mind
“The new season brings sunshine and much needed Vitamin D boosting our energy levels. Embrace the impetus and commit to your personal renewal with a spring fitness programme.”  Says Professor Dr. med. Verena Briner of Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence

Many of us emerge from winter feeling sluggish, perhaps a little over fed, but when the world is bursting with vigour and healthy intent it can be an easier time to strengthen our own commitments to good health. 

Here comes the sun

It’s been a long winter and a many of us have spent more time than usual curled up indoors, now we need sunlight and lashings of Vitamin D. Without it our bones weaken and we are at a higher risk of fractures with even the smallest trauma, we can also feel low in muscular energy. Feeling low can lead to less activity and unnecessary weight-gain. So soak up the sunlight, get out in the fresh air and exercise in nature. 

Bounce back with spring

Take a deep breath of spring air and bounce back into your fitness regime. If you’re working out at home Andreas Buchner, the Fitness Coach at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence has two tips to get your muscles popping again.  

“Working alone your fitness sessions might have grown a little stale so learn a new skill. Try a routine on your toes, on one leg or blindfolded? Also without a personal trainer we might have been taking a few short cuts. If you write down your goals you escalate the chances of meeting them. Ten minutes cardio vascular? Commit that to paper and achieve your goal’’. 

Fitness in ‘The Elements’

The easy way to regain your peak fitness is with a professional. Waldhotel has extended its ‘Healthy by Nature’ philosophy to a five Elements physical fitness programme embracing the Swiss alpine setting. These include Fire - feel the burn with high intensity training. Water for aqua fitness in the counter current pool and floating for stress release. Earth – which begins with brisk walks through woods and meadows to intense running and interval training. Personal trainers recommend your ‘Element’ and work through the phases to increase your stamina, strength and fitness.

Seasonal Colour Cuisine

Spring brings fresh vegetables full of powerful nutrients. New Season asparagus is king – the colour green shouts out health is here! Green is indicative of the chlorophyll present which is powerful in combating oxidative stress, helps regulate blood pressure, neutralises toxins and is a well-known tissue generator. In addition, green based foods contain enormous amounts of vitamin C, iron, magnesium and folic acid. The Waldhotel Method Colour Cuisine is an advanced nutritional concept by Chef Martin Stein. The premise is that similar coloured foods share nutritional values so consuming more of the same nutrients makes it easier for the body to absorb them. Red is invigorating, yellows are a powerhouse of energy, white is about purity and detox. One week of Waldhotel Colour Cuisine can entirely reset your health.

Healthy by Nature 

The Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence is set in glorious alpine surroundings. Each room is south facing to capture maximum sunlight to produce vitamin D in your skin. Green meadows bursting with young flowers refresh our minds and fill us with optimism as we look forward to new beginnings. Check in for ‘The Elements’ Fitness Programme and a lifestyle dedicated to your health and vitality.