Retune and Reboot

Prof. Dr. med. Verena Briner
Prof. Dr. med. Verena Briner
Body & Mind
 ‘’If you’re feeling mentally and physically low after lockdown it’s time to join a Bürgenstock Bounce Back Programme.’’ Says Professor Dr. med. Verena Briner of Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence.



It is highly likely recent events are contributing to your unexplained lack of energy. It could potentially be a post-Covid symptom or a mental lethargy due to being constrained for so long. After ruling out any underlying health issues there are several steps you can take to retune your physical and mental power and give yourself a complete immunity reboot.

Stretch the body, strengthen the mind

It’s time to stride out and embrace the fresh spring days because even a brisk walk can change your mood. Physical activity releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings and cytokines that improve metabolism. After exercise you sleep better so you regenerate and wake up mentally stronger. Physical activity gives us something to focus on, it is a coping strategy in times of stress, and reaching fitness goals can be a boost to your self-esteem. All round fitness is a proven positive for mental health.

Check up and bounce back

The Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence has launched a new seven day Bürgenstock Bounce Back Programme designed to boost your immunity and reboot your mind, restoring your health and mental strength. It is run by Prof. Dr. med. Verena Briner with her Swiss medical team. The programme begins with a complete health Check Up including analysis of heart function, blood tests and metabolic performance. More specific to the times there is a peak flow test of the lungs and systematic review of your smell and taste senses. Guests stay in considerable style above Lake Lucerne. The hotel harnesses the healing power of nature, surrounded by stunning alpine scenery and infused with revitalising fresh mountain air.

Take a breath

This programme includes pulmonary physiotherapy sessions to recondition your lungs and improve breathing techniques, which are also excellent stress coping strategy.  Yoga emphasises chest lifting and opening the lungs to capacity, which increases energy and encourages a positive emotional state.

Prof. Dr. med. Verena Briner has some simple breathing recommendations you can do at home. “Take a breath in through your nose, counting slowly to five, filling your belly, then let the air flow out through your mouth for five, and do this exercise for five minutes. You will literally breathe in calmness.”

Immunity Boost

The immune system is your body’s built-in defence, protecting you against harmful bacteria and viruses. Most of the time it does a good job, but sometimes it needs a boost. Physical health is part of your immune retune and diet is also key. A prescribed healthy eating plan, supported with vitamin infusions packed with micronutrients will bolster your immunity, giving you the resources to fight infections. Good sleep in a room designed for a perfect peaceful night is intrinsic to recovering strength.