What impact does the oral hygiene have on the Corona course?

As known the oral hygiene does not only have a key role in terms of aesthetic aspect, but also regarding the general health of a person. But what role does the oral health has in connection to Covid-19 ?



The mouth – Entrance for viruses and bacterias

The oral cavity, as an entrance for viruses and bacterias, has an important role in our general health. It’s proven, that the Corona virus primarely enters through the mouth and throat our body. Caused by this finding, is a strong immun defence by a healthy oral cavity and an oral mucosa very important.

The connection between parodontitis and corona 

The inflammation of the peridontium is called «parodontitis» in the technical jargon. This by bacteria caused inflammation of the periodontium is like a big wound, that is painless.  The main symptom of a parodontitis is a bleeding gum during the daily teeth cleaning. The SARS-CoV-2 seems to be a favourable place to nest itself into the mouth and throat area.

Induced by the penetration of the viruses to the body complications with the lungs or with the heart can be a possible postlude. The german society of parodontology shows, that parodontitis, like other pre-existing diseases, are a risk factor for severe courses of Covid-19. The english professional magazine «Journal of Clinical Periodontology» could monitor, that Covid-19 patients with a parodontitis had to be ventilated 4.5 times more and were treated 3.5 times more in an intensive care unit.

A healthy oral hygiene as prevention

The ideal prevention for parodontitis is the daily removal of the bacterias in the oral cavity with individually fitted interdental brushes and a optimized tooth brush. Additionally a professional dental cleaning once or twice a year from a Dentalhygienist is a must. Further actions to be taken, that are easy to implement in your daily routine is a varied and fresh nutrition as well as the taking of vitamines C and D.