What is the Medi-Spa Treatment of the Year?

Body & Mind
The Icelab at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence has been voted the ‘Best Medi-Spa Treatment’ of 2020.  

"Cold temperatures can heal, from ice packs on sprains, to ice baths for sportsmen, cryotherapy can leave the body pain free for a period of time. With our team of experts we can take that window of opportunity to target transformative treatments."

Prof. Dr. med. Verena Briner, FRCP at the Swiss medical centre at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence. 

Cryotherapy is a 21st century treatment with emotional, physiological and cosmetic benefits, and nobody does it better than the Waldhotel team. They claimed the top spot in the Destination Deluxe awards not only for the experience, but for the application of cryotherapy within health programmes and the serene spa environment.

The low lowdown

The Icelab at the Waldhotel has three chilled chambers, at three different temperatures – starting at a ‘cool’ -10°C, leading through to -60°C and finally ‘the big chill’ at -110°C. You only wear swimwear, closed shoes such as gym shoes, gloves, ear protection and a paper mask to cover your nose and mouth. Your journey through two antechambers (-10°C/-60°C) rapidly acclimatising while residual moisture evaporates from the skin. Guided by a therapist, you will enter the -110°C chamber, which is surprisingly bearable due to almost 0% humidity, as you will spend upto three minutes in here, while listening to your music of choice.

The science

The extreme cold triggers a strong short-term icy stimulus on almost the entire body surface, which in turn sparks a series of beneficial reactions via the body’s nervous system, hormones and metabolism. The effects aren’t just physical, as the cold stimulation also triggers the powerful release of endorphins for the ultimate feel-good factor. At -110°C the air volume thins by 45% compared to the room temperature, and due to this you consequently inhale almost twice the amount of oxygen per breath, which is known to boost energy, endurance and concentration levels.

Using the pain relief

In the Icelab, the client experiences pain relief that may last for several hours. The Waldhotel therapists use this window of opportunity to conduct vital physical treatments that might otherwise be too painful. This helps clients complete their individual recovery programmes, shortening traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation stages. 

The results

On exiting the Icelab, you feel a pleasant tingling sensation on the skin, a big kick of adrenaline, and a deep sense of relaxation. International athletes and teams testify to the improvement of performance and reduction in recovery times after extreme sport. The Waldhotel has seen has seen benefits in using cryotherapy as an integrated part of treatment for pain management, inflammatory rheumatic diseases and sleep disorders. In addition, your skin looks and feels fresh and radiant, just as it would after an intensive facial.

Book into the Medi-Spa Treatment of the Year

Cryotherapy is an integral part of the Waldhotel’s three day programmes such as Beauty & Healthy Ageing, Weight Management, and Mindfulness. The Waldhotel is part of the Bürgenstock Resort, home to the ethereally beautiful Alpine Spa, floating high above Lake Lucerne, also awarded by Destination Deluxe in the ‘Spa of the Year’ category. Combine a visit to both spas for one of the world’s best wellbeing journeys.