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Healthy weight loss: You want to lose weight effectively, but in a healthy way? In this article I'm going to lead you through a 3 weeks programme in order to reach your goal of healthy weight loss.

First of all it is important that you and your mind conciously want to lose weight because it's not always easy to avoid all the seductions of the every day life. Every corner you pass, the food industry is presenting you many declicious foods in a way it's hard to resist, even though you shouldn't eat or even think about them.

That's why you actively need to get rid of certain products from your meal plan. Most importantly white sugar, it is hidden in many dishes and drinks you have every day without realizing . It is high in calories which causes withdrawing of alkaline from your metabolism and  the production of acid. Means, sugar even has a double negative impact on your body. Same problem with white wheat flour, refined oils and conserved foods, therefore you have to avoid them as much as possible if you want to lose weight. Because the key for losing weight lies in a good alkaline – acid balance in your body.

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If you want to burn fat and lose weight, you need to bring your body in an alkaline mode. Normally you are eating way too much acid building foods like proteins and carbohydrates. A good way to fix this is bringing your meal balance in a ratio of 2:1 alkaline building food. This means 2/3 of your meals must be vegetables. This basic rule will transfer your metabolism into a mode to lose weight fast and sustainable.

Instead of a no carb diet, you should choose not more than a low carb version. 

Try to combine different types of food during your weight loss process. So either carbohydrates and vegetables, or proteins and carbohydrates. Furthermore it is important to just have three meals a day - without any snacks, not even an apple in between. Otherwise your insulin levels will be in the wrong mode which makes losing weight even harder. So try to be strong and stay with 3 meals a day. A simple guideline you should never forget: 

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.


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In addition to that it is important to have a minimum 4 hour break in between your meals. To activate the fat burning process to start losing weight, begin with a carbohydrate breakfast like porridge made with millet or oat. You can also add protein or your largest meal of the day. Therefore add some egg, goat cheese or yoghurt to your porridge. The addition of protein at this point is required to make sure you only lose fat and weight but remain your muscle mass.

Healthy Carbs help you to reduce the hunger and support you with good micro nutrients and fiber. 

During your diet you will get to a ketosis moment when your metabolism starts to burn fat instead of proteins, this effect is also known from different keto diets spread around the internet. But they are not well balanced and often it is just a fast loss of water an not a loss of fat. So you would have a rapid weight loss but without any sustainabilty, hence you will gain weight again very quickly.

To support your diet and lose weight fast it is very important to drink enough still mineral water or herbal teas. Try to have an intake of min 3 liters of liquids a day. But only in between your meals and not thirteen minutes before or thirteen minutes after your meal. That way your digestion will work way more effectively and you will see the results way quicker.


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Try to chew every bite a minimum of 30 times so even small  portion sizes of real food will satisfy you and help you to lose weight fast. Also small portions with low carb and low calories can feel like a full meal if chewing properly.

After a few days of following this weight-loss diet you will be able to see your pounds dropping on the scales and your fat cells will melt away. Compared to a simple low-carb diet this programme has the big advantage of remaining a healthy amount of  carb in your meal plan with high-fibre without too many calories.

The minimum time you need to invest will be three weeks. Week number one is for your metabolism to be prepared for the diet. During this first week you won't lose too much weight but it is important to get your body ready for the diet. So in the preparational week you should already start to reduce your calorie intake a bit and try to stop overeating. Another tip you should follow to get fast results is stop drinking coffe. It is the first step to your balanced diet.

Many people think there are easy ways to lose weight fast, but to make it a sustainable approach, you need to take your time. Only by this you will get long-term results that will make you happy and live a healthier life.

Not only reducing the amount of calories you eat but especially reducing the intake of fat  is good for you and your body. Especially bad fat like refined oils and palm fat should be avoided. High quality fat like organic, cold pressed seed oils are allowed and should be used to substitute your metabolism and help your diet take effect - eventhough they have a lot of calories they won't increase your body weight. For example linseed oil is really high in Omega 3 fat acid which is extremely important for the efficiency of your brain. So don't ban all types of fat from your meal plan, it will not effect your weight loss negatively.

So while cooking in your first week use carbs and good fat but also protein besides a lot of vegetables to start your weight loss. You will lose a few pounds already in this stage of your diet and makes you all set up for the next step.


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After five to seven days you can go over to your actual diet plan and start attacking your belly fat. You will be going into a ketosis by reducing the intake of carb and calories. Now you need to increase the amount of vegetables to a minimum of 2/3 of your meals, either combined with proteins or with carbs. Keep your calories very low, in exception for the very healthy fats of cold pressed seed oils.

Your body fat will be reduced by this calorie deficit when you start tea fasting for a few days in the middle of the second week. You will lose pounds within a nearly zero calories intake without needing to starve for food because your blood sugar level will be low already.

Overweight can also be induced by stress, so take your time to rest and stay away from all other harmful impacts of every day's life, like work.

After you have followed weight loss procedure for about 2 weeks, you slowly need to go back to a balanced food plan in order to protect your muscles. It is important not to shock your blood sugar and your metabolism by eating too much too fast. So I suggest to start your day with a breakfast of porridge and have some cooked or steamed vegetables for lunch with small portions of high-protein or whole grains with medium amounts of calories. For dinner you should still stick to light meals like soup or broth until the middle of week three. Physical activity should be kept at a minimum at this time.


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Last but not least you are in the final week and you can start to go back to eat more and have full meals because you reach the end of your diet. Try to go to about thousand to thousand five hundred calories per day at three meals, but still no snacks in between. High fiber plant-based food is always to prefer for weight loss because they make you feel full on less calories per meal. You will already feel a sustaining effect after the first time you do such a diet. 

To maximize the effect of weight loss it is really important to do the middle week or even two middle weeks of your cure under supervision. At best with the support of an physician and a chef with expertise in intermittent fasting and in the environment of a clinic like the Waldhotel. There you have the opportunity to follow a long-term weight loss with low calories without risking a loss of muscle. You will see your pounds dropping and get a kick-start to a new lifestyle. In such an environment you will have people supporting you in your weight loss plan with a perfect balanced calorie amount for every meal and a lot of day-to-day weight loss tips. 

So as you can see, overweight can be handled with intermittent fasting combined with a low carb diet to achieve goals in a short period of time with an high-intensity program under professional guidance. Weight loss is no magic and not an unreachable target, it can be achieved by every one who is motivated and is striving to lose weight. So start with your intermittent fasting diet program today and don't wait till tomorrow to not lose any more precious time. 

Your weight loss program will bring you to a different lifestyle and a better way of feeling in a very short time. You will feel fresh and rejuvenated like a teenager again. You will keep eating smart, low-fat, low carbohydrate and nutrient-dense automatically because your body wants to have all the nutritions it got during the weight loss programme more than unhealthy food you had before your diet. You won't have to count calories anymore - your body and mind will do it for you. That's why, if you take this diet seriously and don't cheat, you won't have a weight gain afterwards for a long time. If you get the feeling again that your body wants more calories, simply come back and do the programme again. 

Make your life a better one!


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