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How to eat healthy? One of the key questions of today's nutrition. I want to give you a some tips and tricks to improve the healthiness of your meals you are eating every day. Fist of all we must increase the amount of vegetarian food in our meal plan.

A direct result of this will be that you reduce the amount of calories you eat and at the same time you will increase the number of vitamins you give to your body. 

So having vegetarian or vegan healthy meals will have a direct positive effect to your body and your metabolism. Using healthy recipes with low carb noodle or pasta, sweet potato, potato or gluten free grain as quinoa, rice or  millet will give you a good satisfaction in nutrition. There are many simple ways to prepare healthy food that still is tasty and working with a balanced diet. 

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Dieting doesn’t mean eating almost nothing

With healthy eating, dieting means being more aware of what and when you eat, and what is the correct portion size. When you start changing the food you eat, you must first of all change your eating habits

Start thinking about the nutrients in your food. Try to eliminate trans fats, refined white sugar, refined wheat flour and comfort food. Things like fried junk food, high-fat meat dishes and snacks, such as burgers, chips and fajitas, can cause cardiovascular diseases and lead to high blood pressure. 

Your next step will be to integrate more vegetables such as tomatoes, salads, root vegetables and potatoes into your meal plan. This means you can have healthy meals on a vegetarian or vegan basis. Even if you don’t like vegan or vegetarian foods, after giving up meat and animal-based products for a short while you will feel much fitter and healthier. Include some vegetable products in every meal throughout the day. Eat more salads, for example. You can combine them with other vegetables including tomatoes and cucumbers or carbohydrates that are high in fibre. If you are not so keen on salads, other plant-based dishes like “courgetti” (courgette spaghetti) could be a good alternative for you. Marinade your courgetti with some ripe tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil and you won’t feel the absence of meat or cheese.



You can also eat these low-calorie foods as a healthy meal at room temperature. Try also to combine your new way of eating with some healthy carbohydrates. Using a certain amount of whole-wheat products such as noodles or pasta can help your digestion and metabolism simply because of their high-fibre content. You can also continue to eat easily digestible proteins such as chicken breast or eggs. Other forms of healthy eating include one-pot dishes like soups. Use some soft vegetables like potatoes or sweet potatoes as the basis for your healthy soup recipes. The advantage of these kinds of soup is that they are easy to digest and still feel like a full, healthy meal. You will also get plenty of vitamins if you add some other vegetables. 

Complement these healthy foods with oils that contain fatty acids like Omega 3 to further increase the nutritional value as part of your healthy diet and to make you value as part of your healthy diet and to make your meals even more beneficial. If you want to lose weight and return to a healthy weight, a low-calorie soup diet is a good way of achieving this. 

But always make sure you eat foods with adequate nutrition (not calories), such as vitamins, micro-nutrients and healthy fatty acids

Otherwise you will harm your body by not giving it the essential nutrients it needs, even during a diet. You will drain too much from your body, so don’t forget to substitute less healthy foods for healthier ones. At the end of your diet and once you have reached your desired weight, continue to eat healthily. As you are now eating meals as part of a healthy diet and are adjusting more and more to a world of healthy eating, your body will start to tell you what it really needs. It will automatically encourage you to consume more vegetables and healthy foods. You will no longer eat so many meat and dairy products because you will no longer crave them. 



Healthy eating is a lifestyle and it is definitely life-changing

A nutrition with fewer calories will create a virtuous cycle of fat-free, meat-free foods that also promote a healthy heart. So the sooner you start healthy eating, the sooner you will feel healthier and fitter. You will notice that every physical activity will become easier once you start losing weight. Your heart will also benefit from your new healthy lifestyle. You can lower your risk of heart disease by eating a healthy and balanced diet. 

There really is no excuse not to eat tastier dishes with fewer calories. With healthy recipes you can cook wonderful and tasty one-pot pasta dishes, for example, that are low in fat and that everybody likes to eat.  Simply use ripe and organic ingredients that are high in protein and low in fat (saturated fat), plenty of vegetables, and whole grains. You can also include some dairy products, preferably based on sheep’s or goat’s milk, so your meals will easily grow healthier and healthier.

Start healthy eating today.