Why bother? Reasons for fitness.

Body & Mind
 “A fit body is more likely to be pain free and will basically last longer. So for a richer and happier life keep fit.” says Professor Dr. Med Briner of Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence  




There are plenty of other reasons to keep fit, so if you need persuading here are our top tips and some inspiration for upping your exercise.

Look better and feel better

You look lean, trim and at your best and you feel fantastic. And ever heard of ‘Runners High’? When you exercise the brain releases endorphins, these hormones race round your body with benefits. They lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, reduce heart rate and can leave you with a post-exercise sense of euphoria.

Sharpen your mind

Being fit and trim is more than physical it is a state of mind. Fitness gives you higher levels of self-esteem, more confidence, enabling you to take on leadership roles or rise to a challenge. Your focus will be sharper and therefore your performance. The only way is up!

Benefits bones

Hips aching? Probably lazy glutes, tight hamstrings and calf muscles. Meanwhile load-bearing exercise is good for your bones and decreases your risk of osteoporosis. Exercise could be walking up the stairs or a challenging mountain hike, it might be lifting weights or something already in your leisure routine, dancing the tango? Keep it up!

Muscle for metabolism

We need physical strength and endurance to make everyday life easy, whatever level you expect, and to prevent accidental falls. Muscles also keep our metabolism high and help us shift weight more efficiently. If our abdominal muscles are strong they can also aid digestion banishing that sluggish feeling.Unfortunately as we age we are less efficient at building muscle so we have to work a little bit harder.

Clear complexion

Exercise enhances the blood flow which brings oxygen and nutrients to your skin. The blood flow carries away free radicals, giving you a free detox. Sweat can unclog pores helping you manage acne, So a healthy work out clears and nourishes your complexion and leaves you looking more radiant.

Efficient Exercise

If you are worried about finding time for more exercise we recommend some High Intensity Interval training HIIT Interval training is ideal for our busy packed days. It’s extremely time efficient. Anyone can do it, you can burn it up around a circuit in 30 mins, but even walkers can add in some extra bursts of speed.  

Variety is important. Make sure you mix up the exercises in your HIIT sessions, otherwise you can find yourself getting a little stale and cutting corners. Also give your body time to recover, you don’t need to HIIT every day, add in walks, cycling or a swim.

Professional Input

Expert fitness trainers know exactly what your body needs to meet your goals, be that carrying the shopping or running a marathon. Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence have first class analytics and gym facilities and a spectacular Swiss alpine setting. The Elements physical fitness programmes are inspired by the surrounding nature include Fire for HIIT, Water for aqua fitness and Earth for running through the fresh oxygen rich forests. So make an alpine escape and book in for a Waldhotel fitness programme and work out your future lifestyle.