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Month of Art with Claudia Limacher. 
Abstract, impressionist works in perfect harmony with Waldhotel. The essence of contemporary exclusivity is meeting art and design this November into a unique location high above Lake Lucerne.

In its third edition, the Month of Art | Waldhotel is a celebration of inspirational synaesthesia where forms, shapes and colours are in perfect balance with the creative process generating a multisensory dimension.

ART touches

Here a symbiosis of innovative architectural designs welcome the visitors and invite for self -discovery in an absolute natural sanctuary where nature and architecture bring form and function in harmony. Art becomes a sense of being and the creative process an inspiration for continuum, a need to touch the color and smell the views. At Waldhotel, the architecture and the spacious and light-flooded interior, facilitate a holistic approach that includes conscious nutrition and pure enjoyment. Sensory surfaces are the interior design details that make it a place to feel. They storage energy and hereinafter they are able to release it. 
It is such melted interiors with their design defined by nature and its forms, which facilitate the creative process and invite for ART.

The position of the artist is humble, he is essentially a channel.“ 
Piet Mondrian




The artist...

‘’Ever since I walked into an open studio a few years ago, I am hooked on making the invisible visible. As I believe there are cosmic and otherworldly realms beyond our perceived reality, those places may become visible through art, whether it is painting, sculpture, poetry, or any other creative outlet. I want to create a place the viewer feels drawn to as a refuge from the obstacles and realities that are experienced in life. I want my work to give hope and evoke a positive emotion as a refuge, to literally feel high on color. As a synesthaetic person, to be able to express my inner world in color is my true passion.’’

Under Limacher artist’s signature, Waldhotel launches the art of being during this third edition of the Month of Art With nature inspiring the creation. As a self-taught artist who uses mixed media to feel free and unbound, Limacher does not permit herself to be restricted by specific media or techniques. Instead, she embraces the magic of being present with that which is happening on the canvas in front of her. Throughout her interaction with the artwork, Limachers hands and movements decipher the sensations to color welling up within her. 
The process can vary with different materials and approach but when in action, Limacher thoughtfully unites them within the composition. In perfect harmony with nature, similar to how Waldhotel is aging organically with time being enveloped by the surrounding greenery, Limacher’s creative process develops from her experiences with the natural world around her. While she paints, the only thing tethering her imagination and feeling to our world is the ability to transcribe her experience on canvas. The artwork that she creates takes the viewer far beyond average thought, alluring them to a window that is occupied by a painted space.

''Art is eternal, in contrast to the mortality we cannot escape.''

Everything in life is fluid, changing, and unpredictable. The brushstrokes and focused detail in Claudia Limachers artwork appear organic in form, with the depth and different layers representing the different states of consciousness, memories, and experiences that she has during their creation. A blank canvas does not inhibit her, but rather inspires the first dash of color, where the communication will begin. Without having a certain image in mind, Claudia Limacher manifests her emotions into color. Creating is an intuitive process, each creative session becoming a form of meditation. The organic forms represent nature many individualities, all unique in form, color, make-up and composition. The overlay of bright colors and layers vary in textures that embody change, time, and growth.



Colors to touch 

''My work is tactile, textured with the different layers drawing the viewer into another world.''

When looking closely at the artwork, the painting may appear abstract and fluid. From a distance, each individual organic shape on the canvas becomes apart of a surreal universe, where the individual forms blur together to reveal an enthralling composition. In her art, Limacher explores the interconnectedness of humanity and nature as these are the themes that need to be explored with the migrant crisis and environmental issues at the forefront of our generation. Limacher is inspired by the art of modern impressionism and abstract expressionism, influenced by Monet and other impressionist artists.

"Each painting is a unique communication and demands its own life, wanting to question our perception, with the many layers of my work as an invitation to look beyond. As I lived most of my life close to nature and draw inspiration from the woods, lakes, mountains, as well music, life experiences, and personal reflection, my art shows the realm of life and makes the invisible visible for the viewer to get lost in their own perception."

Celebrating this beautiful symbiosis of art and nature, we invite you to explore the artist’s work and discover the harmony of being in Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence this November during the exhibition «Enchanted Sights»




WALDHOTEL, lEvel 8 | 4.00 PM


About the artist

Limacher’s works are collected and presented in various private and public collections, including galleries, in Europe, North America and Asia. Limacher also frequently exhibits at international art fairs.



About Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence

A botanical architecture as defined by its architect Matteo Thun, Waldhotel was inspired by the Walser architecture and alpine building tradition. Stones and wood from the excavation of the Bürgenberg merge into the world's largest gabion building and define its appearance. The hotel is melting in the natural surroundings and continuing the walls of the slope. The 5-star hotel has 160 rooms and suites and features its own Health & Medical Center settings new standards of medical care.