Beautiful healthy skin - 
for a lifetime 

"Our skin accompanies us throughout our lives and fulfils a variety of functions, it essentially determines our appearance and therefore has an eminent influence on our well-being".  Dr. med. Gunther Jacoby, dermatologist at the Waldhotel - Health & Medical Excellence. 

The skin organ separates our organism from the outside world and protects us from physical environmental influences such as heat, mechanical stress, moisture or UV radiation in the sense of a barrier function; it is also significantly involved in controlling our body temperature.  

In addition to these physical tasks, it is an important component of our immune system and is on the front line of defence against harmful organisms such as bacteria, fungi or parasites. 

The skin ageing process 
Starting with the proverbial baby skin, our skin is subject to constant change. 
In addition to an individual genetic disposition, our lifestyle is often reflected in the appearance of our skin - diet, physical activity, noxious substances such as smoking, particulate matter or excessive exposure to the sun, as well as our psychological constitution, are important influencing factors here.   

At the cellular level, the glandular function of the skin gradually decreases with age. In addition, the loss of collagen and other structural proteins leads to a loss of elasticity and the first wrinkles appear.  With increasing age, there are also changes in the adjacent fat and connective tissue, and finally there are also changes in the contour of our bone tissue, as can be seen impressively in the face of a 90-year-old person. 

Steps to protect your skin 
Modern skin care products are based on high-quality and well-tolerated foundations. In addition to time-tested products, so-called nanodisperse systems such as liposomes or nanoemulsions are increasingly being used, which lead to better availability in the skin and to a dosed release of added active ingredients.   
In addition, numerous active ingredients are available that can reduce the damaging influence of UV light and the associated "oxidative stress"; vitamin A derivatives, phytohormones, antioxidants and, as the latest trend, DNA repair systems are mentioned here as examples.   

Protective and care preparations thus make an important contribution to slowing down the ageing process of the skin and can even reduce the incidence of skin cancer.  

Aesthetic dermatology 
We cannot (yet) defeat ageing, but aesthetic dermatology nowadays offers a variety of ways to influence our skin.   
Most people are familiar with the use of Botox in wrinkle therapy, where the wrinkle-enhancing muscles are weakened.   

In terms of effectiveness and especially safety, injections with hyaluronic acid have a high status.    
The possibilities of application have improved considerably; in addition to surface hydration (filling up the moisture reservoirs) and direct improvement of slight wrinkles, the application as a volumiser mainly in the face-forming fat pads (compartments) can effectively counteract the ageing process.    
The improvement of skin structure is the core competence of dermatology, taking into account the individual skin type, pre-existing skin conditions such as excessive pigmentation or a tendency to eczema, require an adapted approach.  

In addition to the classics such as superficial renewal of the skin by means of peelings or dermabrasion, we use the PRP method (protein-rich plasma), in which growth factors are extracted from the patient's own blood and applied to the skin in concentrated form.  
(This leads to a revitalisation and structural improvement of the skin, fine scars, light-damaged, dull skin and fine wrinkles are good applications.  

What is in vogue 
Non-invasive treatment methods are in vogue, the Waldhotel Dermatology Clinic, for example, uses a special laser system both for improving the texture of the skin and for tightening the underlying connective tissue, with which a complete (non-invasive) facelift (4D photo lift) can be carried out. Of course, the effects that can be achieved are not the same as a radical operation, but it is precisely the light, gradual rejuvenation, combined with a general structural improvement of the skin tissue that is becoming more and more popular.  

Waldhotel Dermatology Clinic 
The Waldhotel Medical's health programmes address many aspects of skin health, and there is also the option of a comprehensive specialist dermatological or aesthetic consultation.  
Apparative skin analysis, high-quality product lines and a varied cosmetic health and well-being offer round off our spectrum.  Beautiful, healthy skin in the future - start now !