Wellness Sabbatical

Wellness & Relax
Recharge your health without going off-grid


“A Wellness Sabbatical is a realistic approach for our times, balancing wellness with work. And it is easier to make healthy choices when all your options are healthy.” Says Professor Dr. med. Verena Briner of Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence.


Leaving behind the norm and placing yourself in an environment 100% dedicated to your well-being means every moment you aren’t working is actively recharging your health. But balance is key, you need to make a commitment to your health, ask yourself realistically how much can I let go? And then do so.

What is a sabbatical?

In practice it is taking time away from work to concentrate more on a personal interest that you have long put off, then you return to work a richer person. In this instance your interest is your health. After a well-being sabbatical you return with more vim. Healthier, happier and certainly more productive, both you and your business win.

For who and how long?

You can feel completely healthy but still take a wellness sabbatical as it will ensure you hold onto that state for longer. Basically, support yourself before you need fixing. But if your life needs a rethink, if you feel energy is seeping away, not to mention the days, there’s no doubt a wellness sabbatical will be to your benefit. So how long does it take to make long-term changes to your lifestyle, two weeks? Two months? Ask yourself how much you can dedicate to keep a good quality of the rest of your life.

At home wellness sabbatical

You can actually take the wellness sabbatical at home but that requires enormous personal discipline to maintain a structure, and schedule. You will need to communicate your intentions so people understand you won’t be responding rapidly to texts and messages. You need to create a conducive environment, peaceful and calm. Healthy menus require thought. You need a professionally planned exercise schedule for body and mind. It might be the starting point of a change in your lifestyle.

A professional sabbatical will be more time efficient

Retreating to somewhere entirely dedicated to well-being puts your health in the hands of professionals and places you in an environment created for rejuvenation. Ideally surround yourself in nature, it is hugely therapeutic. Experts will assess your mental and physical needs be that detox, weight loss, mobility or immunity and manage your day’s schedule of exercise and therapies. Menus will be developed by our chef and nutritionist for your health and metabolic needs. You relinquish all decisions to the team and follow recommendation healthy lifestyle begins. 

Detach without disconnecting

Prof. Dr. med. Verena Briner is pragmatic about what is realistic for busy people. “The idea is not to completely disconnect, as that might unintentionally lead to more stress, but rather to find a balance that is heavily weighted to your well-being.”

Meanwhile imagine keeping in touch with business while seated on your sunlit terrace overlooking alpine scenery, drinking in the fresh mountain air. A work-out behind you, a hike in the hills ahead of you and a massage before dinner.

Healthy by Nature

Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence is ideally suited to a wellness sabbatical. You step away from the hectic pace of life into a serene world where everything is touched by the positive benefits of nature. There’s a multidisciplinary team of medical experts ready to recalibrate your health. Following a consultation you will decide how much time is necessary to allocate to work and then your team will develop a daily programme. In a perfect world we should all take a sabbatical to pursue our best interest, our health.