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Anyone who wants to be healthy in the long term should treat themselves to sufficient rest, a balanced diet and an adequate level of exercise. At the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence a multidisciplinary team looks after the health and well-being of our guests to the highest possible standard. Our range encompasses diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services, complemented by prevention programmes.
Body & Mind
What is the Medi-Spa Treatment of the Year?
The Icelab at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence has been voted the ‘Best Medi-Spa Treatment’ of 2020.  
Winter Immunoboost
«The immune system is your body’s built-in defence, protecting you against harmful bacteria and viruses. Most of the time it does a good job, but sometimes it needs a boost.» 
Healthy teeth, healthy body?
The connection between oral health and overall health is more important than you might realise. Simply put the mouth is a point of entry for bacteria which can go straight into our bloodstream, potent...
Weight gain, energy loss? Check your Thyroid
Because the symptoms are so varied, and because they can creep up gradually, sufferers often do not pursue their health issues, and the diagnosis may be missed.” 
Body & Mind
Architecture for Life
„Only if you dare to do something new, to cross borders, you can experience new knowledge“. 
Body & Mind
A practice which can help you live a better life. Despite the unknowns and maybe a bit of mystical touch behind what mindful breathing is, it is commonly agreed that anybody can practice breathing min...
Body & Mind
Running can boost your state of mind
Balanced and structured physical activity can boost your health, immune system and it is known to be the most efficient mood elevator improving the overall quality-of-life. While scored as an intense ...
Weight Management
6 essential nutrients for your health
A healthy, balanced diet consists of the right amount of nutrients our body needs to function properly. Both, our lifestyles and diet, influence the intake of such healthy nutrients which our bodies c...
Sugar, your health enemy
What is sugar?
Sugar is the name for a group of carbohydrates which have a short chain, generally cyclic structure, and are sweet tasting. They are known for being assimilated very fast, entering t...
How to boost your immune system?
Nowadays, fears and concerns related to COVID-19 disease have prompted online searches and many scenarios and misinterpretations of the illness were made available about how to strengthen the immune s...
Body & Mind
Month of Art with Daniela Wicki
The 'Month of Art' is taking place in the Waldhotel for the third year in a row. This time, the internationally renowned artist Daniela Wicki exhibits her paintings in the corridors of the hotel. Stro...
Healthy Lifestyle
The Verbena Bar at the Waldhotel: Riding a trend that’s here to stay 
The definition of living a healthy lifestyle in today’s modern world has drastically changed from past perceptions. It’s not just losing weight and increasing your exercise routine anymore, but nurtur...
The importance of emotional well being
Body & Mind
The importance of emotional well being
Almost one in three people suffers from a mental illness in the course of their lives - and the numbers are rising. Nevertheless, the importance of mental health is far too often underestimated. Becau...
Body & Mind
Are you ill? Recognizing depression
Depression is one of the most dangerous and at the same time most underestimated diseases in the world. However, if it is detected in time, it is usually well treatable.
What is Mindfulness?
Healthy Lifestyle
What is Mindfulness?
Burnout, depression, anxiety and exhaustion - mental illnesses are becoming more frequent. It is therefore important to know appropriate techniques to do something good for yourself.
Was tun bei Burnout?
Healthy Lifestyle
What to do in case of burnout?
Exhaustion, despondency and inner emptiness – there are many warning signs for a burnout. But what do you really have to watch out for? And what to do when it is already too late?
Stress relief - simply explained
Healthy Lifestyle
Stress relief explained simply
Stress makes you sick, burdens your body and mind and is difficult to control. The survival instinct of the human being becomes his greatest enemy. But stress relief is possible and not so difficult -...
Abnehmen mit Detox
Weight Loss
Weight loss with Detox
Detox is not about losing weight. The actual idea of the method is to detoxify and purify the body. But weight loss can be a pleasant side effect nonetheless – if you know where the dangers lurk.
Was genau ist eigentlich Detox?
Healthy Lifestyle
Detox - How does it work?
Detox diets are a trend among alternative therapies. But how will it work? And what is that anyway? An introduction to the world of detoxification.
Wellness & Relax
Waldhotel Forest Bathing
Forest bathing? If you aren’t familiar with the term, don’t worry. It’s the name of a relatively new health and wellness trend. And, in case you’re thinking otherwise, one thing you don’t need is a sw...
Wellness & Relax
Cryotherapy accelerates regeneration
Life expectancy continuously was rising during the last hundred years. Improvement of the quality of the food, hygienic regulations by the government and modern medicine were the major contributors to...
Body & Mind
Enchanted Sights 
Month of Art with Claudia Limacher. 
Abstract, impressionist works in perfect harmony with Waldhotel. The essence of contemporary exclusivity is meeting art and design this November into a uni...
Body & Mind
Yoga - The art of balanced living
Whether you aim to improve your overall fitness or experience a wellness holiday with a difference, read on to discover more about yoga’s origins and how it can help restore your physical and mental e...
Healthy Lifestyle
A passionate Swiss doctor
Professor Verena Briner is a doctor of internal medicine and was formerly head of the department of medicine at the largest hospital in Lucerne, Switzerland. She is currently the medical director of t...
Body & Mind
The path to a stress-free life
All stressed out. Stress. It's a common feature of all our lives and comes in all kinds of different forms. However, there are basically two types of stress: positive and harmful. Po...
Skin Care
Skin care – all important questions answered
The skin is the largest organ of our body. In order to maintain a healthy, vital and smooth skin, you should care for it properly. Skin care includes a wide range of different beauty...
The Natural Way of Skin Tightening
Common treatments and procedure: A firm skin is not only an ideal of beauty, but also a sign of health and vitality. There are many ways to achieve a tight skin. If you take the right preventive measu...
Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Eating
How to eat healthy? One of the key questions of today's nutrition. I want to give you a some tips and tricks to improve the healthiness of your meals you are eating every day. Fist of all we must incr...
Healthy green salad
Weight Loss
How to lose weight
Healthy weight loss: You want to lose weight effectively, but in a healthy way? In this article I'm going to lead you through a 3 weeks programme in order to reach your goal of healthy weight loss.