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Waldtique Shop

Passion for Excellence: We add years to your health and beauty at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence. We partner with the best experts in the field to bring you the latest in innovative skincare treatments and products. Tailor-made medical methods are constantly being developed for your future beauty and the health of your skin, based on pure, natural ingredients and administered under medical supervision. We strive for excellence in dermal care for health and radiance at any age. Partnering with the most exclusive product lines and caring for your beauty and healthy aging, we treat you using effective and pioneered methods combining excellency in cosmetology and attentively selected natural ingredients. Our experts have created an unique and holistic signature treatments collection, ''Healthy by Nature'' which invites to discover regeneration and well-being in an exclusive way.
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''Inspired skincare, informed by biology''

Swiss Line


Swissline’s results-oriented products and treatments put skin biology at the heart of product development. The formulas are unique in that they address silent inflammation – the cause of many lifestyle induced diseases, including premature ageing; strengthen the skin barrier function; and incorporate targeted cosmeceutical molecules in their purest states. All of this goodness is wrapped up in tactile pleasing textures.

''Scientifically proven advanced skin care''

Swiss Line


Advance skincare backed by science’

SkinCeutical’s mission is to improve skin health. To fulfil this simple promise, SkinCeutical provides advanced skincare treatments supported by science and offers a wide range of advanced clinical facials used in dermatologist’s offices and spas to improve visible skin concerns and provide successful anti-ageing results. With the belief that the best results come from an integrated approach, their holistic technique for achieving long lasting, comprehensive results combines professional methods and procedures with an advanced home care regimen. Founder, Dr Sheldon Pennell, spent nearly 40 years researching and developing technologies to make SkinCeutical the skin care industry’s authority on antioxidants.

Waldtique Shop

Waldtique Shop

Exclusive cosmetic product lines have been merging the latest innovations in skincare with the most luxurious ingredients, textures and packaging to create the best in skincare. All available now at our Waldtique Shop Simply buy our products online.

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