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Verbena Restaurant & Bar
the good life with 14 Gault Millau Points

Verbena Restaurant & Bar

Your health takes centre stage at the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence. The integrated health concept at the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence includes nutrition. The restaurant concept is part of a healthy cuisine that is fun and tastes good. “Your own healthy eating” also pledges a nutritional philosophy that is completely matched to your individual needs. Allow our staff to explain the Waldhotel Colour Cuisine concept to you. We take you on an extraordinary culinary journey through the diverse world of food. The «Waldhotel Colour Cuisine» was developed exclusively for our guests by a doctor, a nutritional scientist and our own dietitian. The new concept is truly impressive thanks to its uniqueness. No two bodies or metabolisms are the same – our nutrition concept is equally unique. After a comprehensive explanation, which provides information about your personal metabolism, metabolic rate and your current nutritional status, the dietitian creates a personal nutrition programme for you. This is based on basic foods, but it also considers other very important and often forgotten components. Pleasure is central and cannot be omitted no matter what. Go on a journey of discovery and embark on a new, healthy culinary experience. Since autumn 2019, Head Chef Martin Stein and his team have been awarded 14 Gault Millau points.
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Waldhotel sage herb
Executive chef Martin Stein

Executive Chef Martin Stein

I want to present you with an innovative colour-orientated nutrition method, designed to offer you support in finding the right balance in your dietary habits. It represents an individually tailored nutritional structure integrated into your daily  menu offer to optimise your metabolic function during your stay at Waldhotel.

Waldhotel Colour Cuisine - a healthy nutrition programme which aims to re-balance the organism, boosting its ability to restore itself. The concept of dividing foods according to their colour is based on the optimisation of their constituents, in particular their secondary plant compounds. Foods of the same or similar colour often contain similar active substances. A diet that focuses on a particular colour each day can maximise the absorption of beneficial nutrients. At the same time, it makes it easier for the body to absorb these nutrients. In this way, each day falls under a certain colour, which continues throughout the day from breakfast to dinner and which includes such things as flowers and teas. 

Waldhotel Colour Cuisine - we keep you well by prevention through nutrition science.

verbena restaurant & bar

healthy & light cuisine

At the Verbena Restaurant, the herb gardens, spacious environment and manifold elements depicting herbs and botanic objects highlight the pre-eminent theme of heathy living in all its spaces.Healthy, colourful, innovative and creative nutrition by our culinary expert, Chef Martin Stein. The finest selection of ingredients to ensure that you feel healthy and balanced. 
Healthy and light cuisine
Balance it is!

Verbena MENU

Let yourself be surprised by the refreshingly creative cuisine. The kitchen of the Verbena is shaped by the idea that enjoyment and healthy food do not have to exclude each other. The use of regional and seasonal produce, as well as fresh ingredients of the highest quality, guarantees the highest possible content of nutrients. Enjoy the view from the large sun terrace or through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the green landscape of the Bürgenberg and in the white mountain peaks of the Central Swiss Alps. Discover fish, meat, vegetables and seasonal specialties - all arranged with culinary ease

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Located in the Waldhotel building, the restaurant has an unimpeded view of the Alps and a roomy sun terrace facing south. Designed for everyone. We always prioritize accessibility in our restaurant.

Verbena Restaurant & Bar  
+41 41 612 64 10 

Opening hours Restaurant
Monday to Sunday
12.00 PM – 2.00 PM & 6.00 PM – 10.00 PM

Monday to Sunday
11.00 AM – Midnight | 2.00- 6.00 PM only drinks 
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We loved every minute... spa, massage, food, the views and alpine fresh air! This was a real treat and worth every penny. It was the highlight of our 10 day trip. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and I can’t wait to go back!

Margarittaswaiting, Apr 2019
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