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Signature treatments

Waldhotel Treatment rooms

At Waldhotel a true symbiosis between exclusive spa services and skin treatments is constantly created offering the ultimate in non invasive beauty and derma care therapies. Here tailor-made medical and cosmetic procedures are constantly being developed for your future beauty and the health of your skin, based on pure, natural ingredients and administered under medical supervision. 
We aim for excellence in dermal care and anti-aging practices at any age.
Vital Dome

Vital Dome – detox infrared lounger

Experience the Vital Dome lounger – also called Japanese sauna – that affects your metabolism with infrared beams. Infrared helps to improve your circulation and releases muscular tensions. The self-application increases your well-being and supports your health. Since the infrared beams reach your body from all sides, you can choose if you would like to enjoy the treatment in prone or supine position.

Thermo Spa Bodywrap

Thermo spa lounger

In the Thermo-Spa lounger, you are surrounded by weightlessness and cosy warmth. The feeling of safety frees body and mind. The Thermo-Spa lounger is suitable for all kinds of therapeutic and cosmetic body wraps. Together with our partners, we have developed luxurious treatments. The active ingredients of the Elderberry Wrap, the Rejuvenation Wrap or the Seaweed Wrap can be optimally absorbed.

Skin beauty treatment

Skin care & beauty treatment rooms

Cutting-edge and bespoke derma therapies and treatments at Waldhotel Spa. In our Skin Care & Beauty Treatment rooms, we offer a diversity of treatments. Choose between facial analysis, apparative cosmetics and individual treatments with exclusive products. Our cosmetics specialists are happy to help you improve your positive radiance and your body sensation.

We have created a selection of Signature treatments which invites to discover regeneration and well-being in an exclusive way. To ensure the highest standards in efficient cosmetology and beauty therapies, the Waldhotel Spa partnered with the best experts in the field to bring you the latest in innovative skincare and cosmetic treatments.

Body massage

massage treatment rooms

Massages help to relax, relieve pain, strengthen your immune system and decrease stress. We offer classic massages, body contour compress, deep-tissue, detox massages and many more. 
Our treatments include a healthy and exclusive herbs mixture. According to personal needs, massage oil and fragrance experiences can be added.

ice lab -110°C

Cryotherapy helps for shortening your regeneration phase after physical exertion, can support pain therapies and has a lightening effect on the mind. Exposure to cold in the Waldhotel's Ice Lab lasts 20 seconds at -10 ° C, then 20 seconds at -60 ° C and finally a maximum of 3 minutes at -110 ° C.



Discover our ‘Healthy by Nature’ Club and look after your body and well-being all year round. Maintain and improve your inner balance with a comprehensive offer and enjoy a true oasis of relaxation. Choose the offer that suits you. 
Relaxing in indoor pool


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