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Well-being inspired by nature. In our various pools, you can immerse yourself in a new dimension of tranquility and forget the stress of everyday life. Local stones, green roofs, south-facing alpine scenery, gabions and wooden pergolas frame this spa environment, blending it harmoniously into its natural surroundings
Waldhotel indoor pool

32°C Indoor pool with counter current system

The indoor pool is equipped with two adaptable counter current systems. The different strengths can be chosen according to your personal needs. 

Like that, you have the possibility to exercise, perfect your swimming style or train your muscles. The water is a pleasant 32° C warm.


Waldhotel outdoor pool

35°C Outdoor pool with various massage nozzles

Enjoy the unique view on the Alps in the fresh air and enjoyable 35°C warm water. Our outdoor pool features different massage nozzles that stimulate your circulation, metabolism and relaxation. 

The massage nozzles can be selected individually or in a 3-minutes step by step rhythm. 

Waldhotel Kneipp warm and cold pool

35°C and 16°C Kneipp warm and cold pool

The Kneipp pools enable the self-application of the Kneipp therapy. Start in the warm water pool and subsequently in the cold one. Walk like a stork for about 30 seconds, after you should warm up your feet and repeat the walk. 

The change of temperature stimulates the circulation and metabolism. If applied in the evening, it supports your sleep quality and strengthens the immune system.

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Discover our ‘Healthy by Nature’ Club and look after your body and well-being all year round. Maintain and improve your inner balance with a comprehensive offer and enjoy a true oasis of relaxation. 
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Relaxing in indoor pool


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