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Mixed Spa
A place for all senses

Mixed Spa

Between 10 °C and 80 °C you’ll find relaxation for all senses. The Spa oasis of the Waldhotel Spa offers a vast diversity of agreeable applications. You can experience the healthy sweating in different saunas or steam baths, after that, you might feel like cooling down at 10°C and regenerate your body. Relaxing has never been easier than in our Salt Grotto or in one of our water beds in the relaxing area – inside as well as outside.
Waldhotel Spa Sauna

Waldhotel Spa - Sauna

80°C Finnish Sauna

The pleasant wood-clad room is heated to 80°C with low humidity. You can relax by either sitting or lying down for between 8 to 12 minutes. Regular sauna sessions and sweating have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, the immune system and the metabolism. It is best to combine them with a cold bath.

60°C Aroma Sauna

The pleasant wood-clad room is heated to 60°C. The exclusively selected “Healthy by Nature” – Aromas are finely dispersed through the heat which increase your well-being and stimulate the senses. Body and mind will get revived additionally and the respiratory tract gets freed. The aromas ensure an unparalleled soothing sauna experience.

Waldhotel Hammam Steam Bath

50°C Hammam

Hammam – a steam bath that supports total relaxation and vitality with hundred percent humidity at 50°C. Draw strength, decrease stress and enjoy a time of recovery and regeneration. Unwind after the treatment in the relaxation area with a cup of tea.

Waldhotel Ice room

ICE Room 10 °C

To optimize every sauna cycle and its positive effects, cooling down right after the treatment is recommendable. Traditionally, people cooled down in the snow after using a sauna. The ice room enables this experience all year round. Cooling down is not only a real relief but it supports the immune system as well as the lungs and respiratory system. The metabolism is leveraged, too.

Waldhotel Salt Grotto

Salt Grotto 30 °C

The Salt Grotto is an oasis of calmness and harmony, improving the well-being of your body, mind and soul with 30°C. The sea climate opens the respiratory tract and enhances the circulation of the body. It is optimal to breathe deeply and relax. With every breath of air, you inhale precious minerals and enjoy – on the warm stone lounger – the unique atmosphere.

Waldhotel Spa Relaxation Area

Outdoor and indoor relaxation area

Treat yourself with a calm break to support the regeneration and to enjoy your time off. In the comfortable furnished relaxation areas, you can relax on the loungers and the waterbeds. Our Spa beverages, as well as the Snacks, are all based on the “Healthy by Nature” concept and are free of charge.

Water beds for pure relaxation

Cuddle up in the velvety blankets nestled in our heavenly waterbeds. These can be tempered according to your desire, with the remote control next to the lounger. Thus, the relaxation is particularly pleasant and personalized to you.



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