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Ladies Spa

We redefine exclusivity in well-being by creating harmoniously embedded spa spaces, uniquely designed for ladies. Time and discretion as valuable gifts, invite for relaxation with natural touches at our Ladies Spa.  
Waldhotel Bio Sauna

60°C Bio Sauna

A space for health & balance.
Compared to the Finnish sauna, the Bio Sauna has a lower temperature and higher humidity. You can relax by either sitting or lying down for between 8 to 12 minutes. Regular sauna sessions and sweating have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, the immune system and the metabolism. It is best to combine them with a cold bath.

Waldhotel Hammam Steam Bath

45°C Hammam

Hammam – a steam bath that supports total relaxation and vitality with hundred percent humidity and 45°C. Draw strength, decrease stress and enjoy a time of recovery and regeneration. Unwind after the treatment in the relaxation area with a cup of tea.

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Indoor and outdoor relaxation area

Treat yourself with a calm break to support the regeneration and to enjoy your time off. In the comfortable furnished relaxation areas, you can relax on the loungers and the waterbeds. 

Water beds for pure relaxation

Cuddle up in the velvety blankets nestled in our heavenly waterbeds. These can be tempered according to your desire, with the remote control next to the lounger. Thus, the relaxation is particularly pleasant and personalized to you.

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Discover our ‘Healthy by Nature’ Club and look after your body and well-being all year round. Maintain and improve your inner balance with a comprehensive offer and enjoy a true oasis of relaxation. 
Choose the offer that suits you. 
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If you would like to book a treatment or have general questions, please contact us:

Tel.: +41 41 612 66 72

Opening hours: Daily from 07:00 to 20:00 Hrs

Treatments: Daily from  10:00 to 19:00 Hrs

We are committed to create wonderful memories for our Young Guests with every stay. Our CHILDREN GUIDE is now available for you.


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