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The art of healthy living

Waldhotel, a year-round health concept hotel, located in one of Switzerlands most prominent alpine retreats, the Buergenstock Resort. It extends the theme of a holistic health retreat and medical care sanctuary in 5 star hotel environment. The hotel services are embedded in a complex of highly recommended medical therapies and spa treatments, accompanied by exceptional sport, fitness, wellness and medical spa facilities surrounded by untouched nature. 

A health, 
yoga & well-being destination where tailor-made programs meet holistic medical treatments that are combined with validated medical therapy methods and the latest scientific research in the field. Together they redefine the purpose of medical treatments and the meaning of Health Holidays. It brings a new approach of customer care that focuses on the highest Swiss medical quality and expertise as well as comfortable and exclusive health holiday retreat. A space to enjoy in a green and arboreal environment where modern architecture is combined with services that greatly increase medical efficiency, Swiss hospitality and medicinal treatments offering the ultimate in health retreat experiences. Here the architecture and the spacious, light-flooded interiors, facilitate a holistic approach to a health retreat that encompasses conscious nutrition, activity programs including yoga retreats. Pure enjoyment during a spa holiday to help re-energise, re-set, de-stress, detox, relax and find inner balance through restorative medical methods in a one-of-a-kind destination. A center of Wellbeing & Medical Excellence, Waldhotel introduces you ''Healthy by Nature'' programs. 

An innovative medical concept where the Swiss medical expertise, the latest state-of-the-art equipment, the innovative 
Waldhotel colour cuisine, a mono-colour nutrition method, and warm, south facing alpine surroundings, come together to celebrate health and wellness. A detox and spa retreat of self discovery, rest, and relaxing rejuvenation with a strong sense of well-being which offers a strong sense of protection. Here the light and design colors balance the décor and promote vitality through physical spaces.

The hotel is very new and the view from the balcony is amazingly relaxing and beautiful. Joyful colours in the room provide positive vibes. The transfer between hotels is really helpful and convenient.

H, Apr 2019
Healthy by Nature red herbs

Healthy by Nature

Health & Medical Excellence

Swiss medical expertise

Health & Medical Excellence - a symbiosis of innovative architectural designs where nature meets medical innovation to create a unique health retreat travel experience. More than 1100 m above sea level, Waldhotel introduces you the holistic ‘Healthy by Nature’ concept in a typical southern Swiss mountain scenery.
Waldhotel medical center
medical check up

Here is where the outstanding Swiss medical expertise redefines the clinical care treatment by focusing on  developing integrated and individualized methods to medical therapies to lead you live a better life.  At Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence a multidisciplinary experts team looks after your health and well-being setting up new standards in preventive medicine. We strive for excellency in our programmes, sustained by the latest developments in state-of-the art medicine and procedural analysis. 

Our medical experts work in consensus to lead you attaining a better, more balanced and sustained health following a full holistic approach. A true transformational holiday of self -finding and emotional health discovery.

a taste of vitality

Waldhotel Colour Cuisine

WCC, a healthy nutrition programme which aims to re-balance the organism, boosting its ability to restore itself. At Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, modern nutrition principles, food and detox research findings, supported by extensive culinary and nutrition expertise, come together to create an innovative cuisine. Whilst built with today’s health conscious like-minded consumers at the core, this innovative method consolidates the holistic principle of our Healthy by Nature concept, bringing diet into the center of all medical programmes along with the weight loss and detox therapies.
Waldhotel color cuisine
Different sorts of healthy vegetables
Healthy by Nature Nutrition color concept

Regeneration and detox-cleanse dietary methods, supplemented by activity, sport and fitness treatments, help in empowering the body to regenerate and re-balance its self-healing powers. Our culinary expert, Executive Chef Martin Stein, invites you to experience a revolutionary dietary method  built on a color base innovative idea. The concept of dividing foods according to their colour is based on the optimisation of their constituents, in particular their secondary plant compounds. Foods of the same or similar colour often contain similar active substances. A diet that focuses on a particular colour each day can maximise the absorption of beneficial nutrients. At the same time, it makes it easier for the body to absorb these nutrients. In this way, each day falls under a certain colour, which continues throughout the day from breakfast to dinner and which includes such things as flowers and teas. 

Waldhotel Colour Cuisine - we keep you well by prevention through nutrition science.

Immersed in the forest 

Experience nature with all your senses

Immersed in the surrounded alpine forests, Waldhotel reveals itself for those who travel to escape the quotidian, as a space for wellness, well-being, relaxation, healing and mindfulness. Appealing to both, solo travellers and couples, searching for ultimate in natural retreats, all rooms & suites melt alpine tradition and innovative care and hospitality. Local stones, green roofs, room’s southern exposure and plant-based sensory surfaces, are the interior design details that make it a wonderful place to live in. 
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health retreat

the art of balanced living

Here nature and architecture bring form and function in harmony in a natural absolute sanctuary, enveloping the guest in a holistic and multi-sensory dimension. The place invites to travel for self-discovery, to find inner- balance through self-reflection, meditation, mindfulness retreat and yoga classes. To spa in an exclusive wellness environment, to escape stress and energise by practicing holistic physical, sport and fitness therapies, and enjoy the luxury of time in a wellness holiday, are fundamentals of wellbeing and are integrated part of the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence programs.
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keeping you well

Our health stories

A transformative journey of self-discovery and discovery of emotional health. At the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, a multidisciplinary team of experts looks after your health and well-being and sets new standards in preventive medicine for your health.
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