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A special place for health and well-being

Beauty& Medical Spa

In the Beauty & Medical Spa of the Waldhotel you will experience an exclusive oasis of health and well-being. Wellness practices, innovative treatment methods and the highest level of health competence characterize the range of our spa offers. The interior design of the Medical & Beauty Spa is inspired by the surrounding nature and blends in harmoniouly into the breathtaking landscape of Switzerland.

Naturally, the Waldhotel Medical & Beauty Spa provides the latest equipment for cosmetic treatments and beauty care. Enjoy excellent spa treatments and skin therapies at the highest level and achieve maximum treatment success. We develop individually tailored medical and cosmetic techniques for the preservation of your beauty and the lasting health of your skin. Pure, natural ingredients are used under medical supervision.  
Another highlight of the Waldhotel Medical & Beauty Spa are the excellent skin care and anti-ageing treatments for every age. 

We combine all the benefits of a classic spa with highly effective medical treatments and professional cosmetic products to activate the vital functions of body and skin.
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special moments

signature treatments

The Waldhotel Beauty & Medical Spa offers health care and medical treatments at the highest level. On the basis of these performance requirements the Waldhotel Spa developed special signature treatments. They contain all the signature elements that make the entire Waldhotel concept «Healthy by Nature» so special.
For the love of your skin

Facials Treatments

Classic skin care and aesthetic dermatology are among the core competencies of our Beauty & Medical Spa. Functional cosmetology and the individual configuration of all treatments are an inherent part of the medical practice at the Waldhotel. Every medical consulation includes the  examination of condition and type of the skin by experienced cosmeticians and dermatologists using complex mikroscopic skin diagnosis methods. The focus of our team of experts is on novel therapies aimed to improving the general skin function. We use non-invasive methods - for all those who are aversed to a surgery but still want to improve their appearance.

Body treatments

In the quiet and natural environment of the Beauty & Medical Spa, the Waldhotel team of experts put together a selection of body treatments to help you age healthy and beautifully. In our spa, experts are at your disposal for massages, body packs, body peelings as well as hand and foot care treatments.
Head massage

body massages

Choose from our body massages, let blocks dissolve and improve your strength and well-being.
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body wraps

Enjoy the treatments in the floating couch, which envelopes your body with warmth and resonates in gentle harmonious sounds.
Body peeling

body peelings

Gently get your ded skin cells removed and your skin supplied with valuable minerals.
Feet massage

hands & feet care

Medicure and pedicure by Susanne Kaufmann - perfect treatmant methods ensure beauty and well-being.
hands & feet massages
beauty & medical Spa in Waldhotel

where your beauty is our expertise

In the Beauty & Medical Spa of the Waldhotel, cosmetic treatments are combined with anti-aging techniques. In this way, we help our guests to regenerate their skin's natural functions and give it a youthful and fresh appearance. The Waldhotel Beauty & Medical Spa offers modern and effective therapies that stimulate the regeneration of the skin.

The range of beauty treatments is wide and includes complex laser techniques, dermal fillers such as Juvéderm, Pelleve skin smoothing, Icoone lifting procedures, autologous stem cell treatments, microdermabrasion, photo rejuvenationand HydraFacial therapies. Our Medical Spa offers all the benefits of a classic spa and combines them with highly effective medical treatments and professional cosmetic products to activate the vital functions of body and skin. For a facial treatment, hotel guests can choose between peeling, make-up, permanent make-up or permanent hair removal. The hotel stands for special applications and thus meets the individual needs of international guests. 

Wellness and beauty for the entire organism. Those who want enjoy intense moments of relaxation and indulgence should learn about the special application techniques in our hotel spa. Cosmetic treatments are combined withvarious massage techniques. Many years of experience of the cosmeticians and dermatologists guarantee successful treatments. And thanks to the high-quality products that are individually combined for your personal needs for beauty, cosmetic and massage treatments, we help you to age healthy!

Use your hotel stay for advice and relaxation. A stay in our hotel makes it particularly easy for you to bring medicine and well-being into harmony. Enjoy our Medical & Beauty Spa and make successes in anti-aging visible. You can easily book our offer online or from your room during your stay. Immerse yourself in the ...