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The incredible lightness of being

Water Program

Exercising in water is often thought of as something for older people but nothing could be further from the truth. In recent years, various forms of water-borne therapy have become increasingly popular and have gone mainstream, so to speak. At the Waldhotel, our water programmes range from floating and aquafit through to strength training and stamina building with a counter-current system. Floating your cares away - It may sound too good to be true but floating is a safe, soothing way to relax and enhance bodily awareness. It is, of course, nothing new. People have been floating for therapeutic reasons in salt water, such as the Dead Sea, for centuries. Its benefits – lowering stress levels, relieving physical pain, improving athletic performance and fostering creativity – are undisputed. At the Waldhotel, we combine gentle music with pleasant water temperatures to enhance your sense of well-being and help you relax after physical exertion. 
ThE elements overview
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The ''Water'' intensities

Aqua Fitness: something for everyone. Not surprisingly, Aqua Fitness has grown massively in popularity in recent years and established itself as a part of many health programmes. It improves strength, mobility and stamina while simultaneously relaxing the body and protecting muscles and joints from many of the dangers of regular workouts. The intensity of individual exercises is open to variation and can be regulated to suit personal needs. Our counter-current system increases the amount of effort required to stay ahead, thus boosting strength and stamina in the process.

Find your Element

Discover the element of "water" for yourself and try the magic of water for yourself. Train in small groups of up to 10 people in guided trainings during your stay at the Waldhotel.

Minimum duration of training
7 days

Difficulty level
The intensity can be adjusted: everything from floating to strength training is possible.

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