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Fire Program

Given their busy schedules, many individuals today claim that they have no time to exercise. It is no surprise, then, that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has enjoyed such a surge in popularity in recent years. HIIT is largely based on the findings of Dr Izumi Tabata, who conducted research on two groups of athletes. The first group worked out at moderate-intensity level for one hour, five days a week for six weeks. The second group exercised for four minutes, four days a week at high-intensity level for the same period. At the end of the test period, Tabata and his research team discovered that the first group had improved their cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness but that there was little or no change in their anaerobic (muscular) condition. The second group, however, showed a significantly higher increase in their aerobic fitness and a 28 percent improvement in anaerobic fitness. HIIT is ideal for individuals with limited time and can be practised virtually anywhere – in a hotel room, for instance – with a minimum of equipment, such as a sturdy chair. It is short and intensive but enormously practical and effective. 
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The program intensities

The Fire programme will teach you a variety of exercises of varying difficulty, from sit-ups, squats and push-ups through to lunges and planks, using your bodyweight and additional weights, on both stable and unstable surfaces. Participants will also be introduced to Queenax circuit training, a form of exercise that is based on a special type of frame and focuses on functional and suspension movements. The use of various attachments, or tools, considerably widens the range of possible exercises.

Find your Element

Discover the element of "Fire" for yourself and and power up in short sessions. Train in small groups of up to 10 people in guided trainings during your stay at the Waldhotel.

Minimum duration of training
7 days

Difficulty level
The intensity of the 30mins session will be adapted to the participants

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