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Both feet firmly on the ground

Earth Program 

The Earth programme takes the Desert plan to a higher level. 
The focus is still on the legs, but here we take you from walking, through more intense running and on to interval training, with a view to increasing your stamina. All parts of the programme are in the open air and will underscore the pleasures of intensive exercise in natural surroundings. 
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the three phases

Phase 1 of the plan comprises brisk walking, with regular breaks, during which you will practise stretching with conscious breathing exercises. Walking is probably the simplest and most convenient form of physical activity, can be practised anywhere and anytime, and brings multiple benefits for the cardiovascular system and lungs. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure, alleviates pains and stiffness while strengthening the joints and muscles, and can positively influence diabetes. Apart from its physical benefits, walking is also an activity with enormous social potential.

Running, phase 2 of the programme, is basically a more extreme form of walking. Here, you will be running continuously, with no breaks, but carrying out breathing and stretching exercise before and after your run. Running brings all the benefits of walking but can also have a significant effect on your mental well-being. Practised runners often talk about the “high” that kicks in after an extended period of exercise – not surprising, considering the serotonins it generates.

Phase 3 builds on the good work during the first two parts of the programme and consists of periods of intense and low-level running activity, without breaks but with breathing exercises in between and stretching at the end.

Find your Element

Discover the element "Earth" for yourself and gradually increase your stamina. 

Group size
max 10 persons

Minimum duration of training
7 days

Difficulty levels
Phase 1 - Low 30 mins | Phase 2 - Medium 40 mins | Phase 3 - High 50 mins

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