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Desert Program

Our Desert program is ideally completed before you have breakfast. Many specialists claim that the best time for physical exertion is in the early morning hours before you eat. It significantly increases your metabolic rate, with the result that you use more energy and burn fat more effectively. It has also been found that individuals who exercise before breakfast tend to be less hungry during the day and lose weight as a result. Other welcome benefits of early-morning workouts are their positive effect on sleep rhythms and their brain-boosting power. Exercise in the morning, and your brain and body will be in top form all day. If that isn’t enough, it actually reduces blood pressure by up to ten percent, improves cardiovascular activity and helps prevent heart disease. 
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The three phases

Like the other plans in our Healthy by Nature approach, the Desert programme progresses gradually through three levels. During the first phase, the exercise consists of walking steadily for 30 minutes along a level route that features no differences in altitude and should present no significant difficulty for anyone, regardless of fitness. Phase 2 takes the activity to a slightly higher level. Here, you will be tackling a route with several noticeable differences in elevation, walking continuously for 40 minutes, with no breaks. When you reach the third and final stage, you will be climbing steep inclines for between 40 and 50 minutes with no stops for resting. This part of the programme will start and finish with breathing exercises and stretching.

Find your Element

Discover the element of "desert" for yourself and move intensively before breakfast. Exercise in small groups of up to 10 people in guided trainings during your stay at the Waldhotel.

Minimum duration of training
7 days

Difficulty levels 
Phase 1 - Low 30 mins | Phase 2 - Medium 40 mins | Phase 3 - High 50 mins

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