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A holistic approach to well-being

Today’s hectic lifestyle may be wreaking on our health more than we realise: work commitments, demands of family and keeping up with friends at the same time can be a challenge. General fatigue, looking tired, unhealthy eating habits and burnout are often results of today’s demanding life. Healthy by Nature programmes help you to take a step back in busy lives to successfully keep your body and mind in balance, delay the onset of age, preserve your mobility and manage your weight and metabolism. High up in the peaceful, idyllic, mountain surroundings above Lake Lucerne, we carefully devised Healthy by Nature, a unique range of programmes, designed to help you to achieve your personal goals and address health concerns regardless of your age, weight or physical condition. Our programmes bring together medical expertise with the hands-on skills of doctors and therapists, state of the art medical spa equipment and the power of nature. Healthy nutrition, exercising outdoor, medical spa treatments - nature plays an important role in all we do. Your experience starts by selecting a programme, which is further curated by adding medical examinations or treatments according to your health status or personal goal.
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Healthy by Nature

the elements

Activities to put you back on track
 As part of our Healthy by Nature programs, we have designed a series of five activity plans that are carefully graded to take you from low-level fitness to desirable strength and flexibility levels. Follow these with discipline, and you will notice changes in your stamina, strength and coordination. The programs are available for all those conscious of own health and state of mind willing to achieve long lasting health and balance. You can enjoy all our offers while visiting us daily or being one of our Waldhotel overnight customers.
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