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On Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne, with its unmistakable shape, is the perfect location for a variety of activities. Glide over the quieter parts of the lake with the stand-up paddling board, discover the expansiveness of the water by sailboat or experience an adventure with the kite on Lake Uri, the southernmost part of Lake Lucerne.
on lake lucerne

Stand-up Paddling 

A board and a paddle – that is all you need for this activity on the water. Stand-up Paddling (SUP for short) has become a very popular water sport in recent years. Discover Lake Lucerne or one of the other nearby waters on the SUP Board. Even if you have never tried the sport, you can enjoy the glide on the water after a short instruction. The sport can be adapted to the intensity of your own needs. In addition, the duration of the activity can be customized.
Depending on your mood – and, of course, depending on the temperature – you can venture in between with a dip in the water. So you can easily cool off even on hot days. The activity can be done independently or guided whether alone or in a group.
The B-Outdoors team knows the best places for stand-up paddling and happily shows you the places where good equipment can be rented.

on lake lucerne


By canoe, you can experience Lake Lucerne and its surroundings up close. Look at the mountain scenery from the water and enjoy the silence of nature. With the small boats, you reach places that are only accessible from the lake.
Of course, Central Switzerland also offers many other lakes in addition to Lake Lucerne which are suitable for canoeing. Many of the lakes are clearly visible from the Bürgenstock Resort given its central location. From the Bürgenberg  you can see four other lakes : Lake Zug, Lake Baldegg, Lake Hallwil and the Lake Sempach. We are happy to find the right route for you and to organize the material for the experience. Canoeing is easy to combine with other activities. The sport is great for groups but also for individuals and the intensity can be adjusted to your own needs from simple to severe.

on lake lucerne


The southernmost part of Lake Lucerne - called Lake Uri - is characterized by unique wind conditions. The predominant thermals of Lake Uri allow various water sports depending on wind. Discover kitesurfing or windsurfing with a breathtaking mountain backdrop on the turquoise Lake Uri.
Lake Lucerne and the surrounding lakes, such as Lake Zug, also offer optimum conditions for waterskiing and wakeboarding. The central Swiss lakes can easily and quickly be reached from the Waldhotel - so the various water sports offer an optimal activity for half or full day excursions during your stay at the Bürgenstock Resort.
We are happy to organize the right activity for you on the water - whether you are a beginner or already a pro. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding or waterskiing are fascinating sports that offer a unique experience. All this with an amazing view of the Central Swiss Alps.

on lake lucerne


Lake Lucerne, with its four arms in all directions, is the most diversified lake in Switzerland and thus, offers an ideal basis for a sailing day. The different valleys offer a diversity of local wind effects, making the sailing trip extremely exciting. Discover the sailing paradise of Switzerland and enjoy a day amidst the beautiful mountain landscape.
Learn all skills a sailor should have in one of the schools or rent the right boat as a professional. Nothing stands in the way of an eventful day. Take breaks for a dip in the cool water, which offers the desired cooling even in midsummer, or enjoy the warming sun on the deck.

All in all very positive, we'll come back an try out the other hotels and restaurants in the Resort. Nice location, very quiet. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Nice spa.

Andrew, Apr 2019

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