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expressive and earthy

Art Therapy

Discover the spaces of art in the Waldhotel and use the places as a retreat. The nature around the hotel inspires and offers the optimal basis for artistic expressiveness.


Painting as a therapy is a wonderful way to express yourself. Working with various materials and colours can help to find an expression for something that can not otherwise be put into words. The studio with a view of the mountains invites you to discover your creativity and find new ways of expressing yourself. 

Art therapy, which is also described as process-oriented therapeutic painting and shaping, promotes well-being, opens up internal sources of energy and strengthens the confidence in one's own potential.

Each and every one has a strong expressiveness - enliven it alone or in company in the Waldhotel’s painting studio.



Originally, the art of mandala as an object for meditation stems from Buddhism. Today, the colourful, mostly round, drawings are also well known in the Western world. The geometric picture can actually have all possible forms; important is the focus to the middle.

Drawing these different shapes helps to improve the concentration. Mandalas embody the universal life in its natural state, which is why they help to relax and spark new creativity and life energy.



In our fast-paced world and the required availability, there is nothing better than immersing in a book and forget the world around you. In our comfortably furnished library, you can relax and daydream or get hooked by a fascinating crime story or a touching romance. Enjoy the calm atmosphere of our library and share your thoughts with the other guests. Totally independent from social networks.

I’ll be back!  everything is amazing: location, rooms, friendly staff, views, breathtaking spas, restaurant choices, not to mention spectacular funicular transport to the hotel from the boat!

Barbara, Mar 2019

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